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61 Let Me Live

Another underrated song from their underrated album made in heaven. -

Not only is let me live from the album made in heaven, wich I sconsideret the best queen album ever, it is also a song about freddies hardest time of his life (with his sickness) and with that I personally feel that you can't find a queen song with more emotions from freddie then this song even though freddie do not sing in half of it.

62 You're My Best Friend

Although it wasn't actually underrated as it was quite popular, still wasn't as big as it should of been.

63 Friends Will Be Friends
64 Tie Your Mother Down

This really isn't underrated, but it's still great

65 My Melancholy Blues

This song is so so beautiful, I get goosebumps every time. definitely one of my favourites

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66 Heaven for Everyone

This was a song originally on The Cross' album Shove It. Freddie eventually recorded his version after advising Roger on how it should be sang. Two version eventually made - the one with Freddie's vocals and another with Roger's. The version on Made In Heaven doesn't have these lines:

"So take a seat and sit by my side a while
You know I like your style
So what can we do to clean up this mess
Just feel so helpless
So lift up your voice at least you'll have cared
At least you'll have dared"

So are the spoken parts from the original recording

67 Liar

Saw them live in oxford just after the first album was released. The performance of this song was memorably good. Every bit as good as the recording-no extra studio help-magnificent!

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68 Sail Away Sweet Sister

This is perhaps the best song on this list. And Brian May sang lead vocals! I don't see how this isn't in the top ten, but "Who Want sTo Live Forever" is. I mean, every Queen fan knows that song...

69 Killer Queen
70 The Show Must Go On V 1 Comment
71 I Was Born to Love You
72 You Don't Fool Me

Simply amazing! And that solo...

73 You and I

A true gem. It's brings joy and delight every time it's played.

74 Life Is Real
75 No One But You (Only the Good Die Young) V 1 Comment
76 Bijou
77 I Want It All
78 Fat Bottomed Girls
79 White Man

Second only to the Prophet's Song and Bohemian Rhapsody, and by far and away the best song off A Day at the Races

Great should listen to it someday.

I nearly cried. I think this is one of their best songs EVER and its not on the frikin list yet after almost 100 songs!

80 Breakthru

One of their best songs, ii don't know why it's so underrated

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