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81 She Makes Me (Stormtrooper In Stilettos)

Sometimes it's the simplest of songs that make the biggest difference, and this one certainly has that. Any man who is or has been in love with a woman can certainly relate to this masterpiece!

82 We Will Rock You

It's underrated because I love this song and when it comes on I'm like Hey that's a good Queen song then my friends like Yeah but Bohemian Rhapsody is better and I get all mad because it's really not the best We Will Rock You is

83 Another One Bites the Dust
84 Headlong

This is one of my favorite queen songs and this song couldn't be more underrated

85 Sweet Lady

Brian has done it again with some Amazing guitar riffs, roger and John have done a brilliant job in the percussion section (they are very underrated and in most cases John and roger tie some of Queens best sons together) and Freddie has delivered a killer vocal performance. All up Brian has written an amazing song and it really shows off the bands talents

86 Don't Try So Hard
87 Drowse

Drowse is my favorite song ever recorded by Queen. Yes by a slight margin. - higgsboson2142

88 Jesus
89 Son & Daughter
90 Ogre Battle

This song is very underrated. This song is not a hard rock song. It's a metal song. While few of their songs were considered as proto-metal songs but this song never got the attention. This song has also a very good screaming. Deserves to be on high. - zxm

91 Dreamer's Ball V 1 Comment
92 More of That Jazz
93 Don't Try Suicide

Amazing as most of Queen songs. Underrated by miles.

94 Body Language

It is even better than Bohemian Rhapsody.

That's what my friend think

95 Somebody to Love
96 Funny How Love Is
97 Hangman

This song was never on an album but they should have released it as a single it's too good for it to be live only

98 Thank God It's Christmas
99 Is This the World We Created?
100 Misfire
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