Most Underrated Queens of the Stone Age Songs

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1 Make It Wit Chu Make It Wit Chu Cover Art
2 I'm Designer I'm Designer Cover Art
3 Tangled Up in Plaid Tangled Up in Plaid Cover Art

Those guitars in the chorus... unreal

Great song


4 Battery Acid Battery Acid Cover Art
5 If Only
6 This Lullaby This Lullaby Cover Art
7 Leg of Lamb Leg of Lamb Cover Art
8 Mosquito Song Mosquito Song Cover Art
9 Smooth Sailing Smooth Sailing Cover Art

What a great guitar riff!

Love it... Plays during Swearnet movie credits.

10 Villains of Circumstance
The Contenders
11 Domesticated Animals
12 Feet Don't Fail Me Feet Don't Fail Me Cover Art
13 The Way You Used to Do The Way You Used to Do Cover Art
14 Avon
15 Everybody Knows that You are Insane Everybody Knows that You are Insane Cover Art
16 No One Knows No One Knows Cover Art
17 The Sky Is Fallin' The Sky Is Fallin' Cover Art
18 Do It Again Do It Again Cover Art
19 Hanging Tree Hanging Tree Cover Art
20 Better Living Through Chemistry Better Living Through Chemistry Cover Art

Amazing song one of the best on the rated r album

21 Fairweather Friends Fairweather Friends Cover Art

It's best! The piano played by Elton John is awesome!

22 God is in the Radio
23 In the Fade In the Fade Cover Art

The lyrics alone are enough for it to be one of their greatest, and yet it's not, that's why it should be top of their underrated songs list

24 The Fun Machine Took a S**t & Died
25 Into the Hollow Into the Hollow Cover Art
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