Most Underrated Queens of the Stone Age Songs


The Top Ten

1 Make It Wit Chu Make It Wit Chu
2 I'm Designer I'm Designer
3 Tangled Up in Plaid Tangled Up in Plaid

Those guitars in the chorus... unreal

Great song


4 Battery Acid
5 If Only
6 This Lullaby
7 Leg of Lamb
8 Mosquito Song
9 Smooth Sailing

What a great guitar riff!

Love it... Plays during Swearnet movie credits.

10 Villains of Circumstance Villains of Circumstance

The Contenders

11 Domesticated Animals Domesticated Animals
12 Feet Don't Fail Me
13 The Way You Used to Do
14 Avon
15 Everybody Knows that You are Insane
16 No One Knows
17 The Sky Is Fallin'
18 Do It Again
19 Hanging Tree
20 Fairweather Friends

It's best! The piano played by Elton John is awesome!

21 Better Living Through Chemistry

Amazing song one of the best on the rated r album

22 God is in the Radio
23 In the Fade

The lyrics alone are enough for it to be one of their greatest, and yet it's not, that's why it should be top of their underrated songs list

24 You Think I Ain't Worth a Dollar, But I Feel Like a Millionaire

Heaviest song I've heard by them. - Toms_system

25 My God Is the Sun
26 The Bronze
27 God Is On the Radio

Amazing song

28 Into the Hollow
29 Turning On the Screw
30 The Blood is Love
31 The Fun Machine Took a S**t & Died
32 Born to Hula (New Version)

Definitely gives the rated r deluxe version a much more understandable ending. If you view the album as a whole as a statement on doing drugs, the new version is sort of like an OD (death). It made rated r possibly their most meaningful album to me.

33 Ode to Clarissa
34 How to Handle a Rope
35 Broken Box
36 Suture Up Your Future
37 River in the Road
38 Run, Pig, Run
39 Quick and to the Pointless
40 Tension Head
41 Medication
42 I Never Came
43 Someone's in the Wolf
44 Skin on Skin
45 You Got a Killer Scene There, Man...
46 Keep Your Eyes Peeled
47 ... Like Clockwork
48 Lightning Song
49 Infinity
50 The Vampyre of Time and Memory

Why does no one talk about this song

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1. This Lullaby
2. Mosquito Song
3. Villains of Circumstance
1. I'm Designer
2. Make It Wit Chu
3. Battery Acid


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