Top Ten Most Underrated Radiohead Songs

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1 I Am a Wicked Child I Am a Wicked Child
2 Bangers N' Mash
3 Pearly Pearly
4 I Will I Will

Intense, beautiful, dark, vocally and lyrically. What else do you want from radio head?

5 True Love Waits True Love Waits

Where's Harry Patch ( In Memory Of ) and You Never Wash Up After Yourself?. Those are two beautiful but underappreciated Radiohead songs.

Such a beautiful and underrated song! Shame they never did a studio version.

Beautiful song, and sadly underrated.

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6 Gagging Order Gagging Order
7 The Trickster The Trickster
8 Airbag Airbag

This song is never mentioned when I talk to people about Radiohead. It is one of my favorites...

One of their best tracks on OK Computer, which contains however so many gems...

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9 The Tourist The Tourist
10 Bones Bones

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11 Talk Show Host Talk Show Host

This is the best Radiohead song that was never put on an album, by a mile. The lyrics are perfectly angry and antisocial, but also anticlimactic. The feelings that this song creates are just so easy to relate to, and as always the instrumentation is amazing.

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12 Subterranean Homesick Alien Subterranean Homesick Alien

The arrangement of the guitars in this song is breath-taking. The vocals are haunting and though I am not a huge fan of the punch line ("I'm just.. uptight! "), can't deny how brilliant the song is

I showed this song to a friend of mine that totally hates all rock. He was completely blown away by it.

13 Faithless the Wonderboy
14 Climbing Up the Walls Climbing Up the Walls
15 Morning Bell Morning Bell

Why is this song so low on the other lists... This song is very beautiful and brings out the soul.

16 Kid A Kid A

This is actually my second favorite song on Kid A, only after Ideoteque. I am very aware many people wouldn't agree with that, but this sing is, beautifully haunting. It is an absolutely amazing song - ssbm514

17 (Nice Dream) (Nice Dream)
18 Morning Bell/amnesiac Morning Bell/amnesiac
19 Polyethylene Polyethylene
20 I Want None of This I Want None of This

Despite not being on any studio album, it's quite heartbreaking. And let's not forget it's about war children. - ArchAces

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1. I Am a Wicked Child
2. Bangers N' Mash
3. Gagging Order



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