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1 Possession
2 Elimination Tower

It’s so great and underrated - AwesomeJawson

Probably the best game there is by ItsRyanJambe. It's filled with good twists and should easily take down both Amazing Races and Survivor.

3 Word Bomb

Really fun but really unpopular game I suggest checking it out! - Bammer73

4 Story Generator

Oh my God. This game is literally never talked about. Like, it's literally hilarious. One time I was reading one of the stories that someone made, and I laughed so hard I choked.


If you like Mad Libs, you're gonna love this game, even with under 50 people concurrently playing it.

5 Wild Obby

No there's to many obbys on roblox that use the same stuff and obstacles

6 Dungeon Master

its great

7 Super Blocky Ball

Its good people just haven't played it yet

Sub to pewdiepie

Despite being pretty awesome it's not very well known. But it's not that underrated, there are more underrated games on this list already even though it still pretty is.

8 Strobe
9 Magic Lessons
10 Treasure Island

It's another great yet not very well known game :(

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12 Cliffhanger Roller Coaster

It's a great game... from old roblox! (Wow how do things work almost nine years after they were last updated? )

13 Build Anything On a Mountainplace

Question what does pewdiepie do with this game?

Sub to pewdiepie

14 Roadrunner Canyon
15 Build Your Cybersuit
16 Catalog Heaven

This is a really cool game.

Yes, it got a little forgotten - DubstepLover

I love this game my best friend FloraOfHearts is always on it

17 Survive the End of Roblox

Great game and one of my favorites of all time

18 Mega Marble Run Pit

Mega Marble Run Pit is one of the best games on Roblox in my opinion. But somehow, there's only like twenty people playing it at once.

Why are there two Mega Marble Run Pits on this list?

19 Wizard Life

Such a good game. Yet not a lot of people play people need to start playing this game because it is very good.

I had to vote because I want to point out that this is builderman's apparent favorite game. (Cite: If a Kid Owned Roblox Part 2)

20 Hexaria

Awesome game!

It was popular for a while but then got almost completely forgotten. It is the best game on Roblox since Pokémon Brick Bronze. The graphics and detail in the game are outstanding. It's a lot better than most of those mediocre simulators.

21 Blood and Iron

It's a challenging game and a great game for those who hate automatic guns

I went on this list to find this game, and am kinda surpirsed to find it.

An interesting FPS game based off the Napoleonanic wars. It's a very slow paced team death match with many maps that include more strategy then skills.

22 Lab Experiment

A very rare example of a rip-off that is better than the original. At least it has some actual original things and didn't COMPLETELY steal from the original, unlike Mad City. It's still not very good, though.

This game is really good and fun but its sadly underrated with a <500 players only even though its quality is amazing

Brilliant Game! It's a rip off, but it's much better then the original one!

It's a ripoff of plates of fate

23 Top Roblox Runway Model

Its honestly a great game. I recommend it if you like classy dress up games!

I'm SORRY WHAT It's SO OVErrated - AwesomeJawson

When it was new, it was overrated... then came the hackers. Now it's fixed and very underrated.

24 Dragons Life
25 Obby Squads

Better than those random obbys

It's a obby


26 Cannoneers

Pretty fun. Was once popular, now dead. wot

27 The Ro-Bowl Bowling Center

May be broken now, but this position is wrong. It was such an awesome game that should have more than 50 million visits.

28 Keyboard Hero Arena

I remembered trolling the NPC by kept spamming the button

Oh yeah boii, its your English class on steroids.

29 Dead Winter

It only has 65 players playing at the same time, but it's a really good game. - phantomblock

30 Focus Dance and Gymnastics

It's so good!

31 Slide 999,999,999 Miles

No not that scam called "slide 1 billion miles" even though you just jump off a cliff. It's actually a game you slide down a HUGE slide with cool obstacles. (Note: It was by DenisDaily Games)

32 Obstacle Paradise

My second favorite game of all time

IGNORE THIS COMMENT. This was me before making my account. If you don't know, it's now my 8th favorite. - Bammer73

33 Arena X
34 Adventure Forward

It's an original and creative adventure game where you explore different worlds collecting stars along the way. It's well made and really entertaining. It's like a less popular version of Robot 64 but it's so underrated it deserves more than about 20 people playing at once.

Yes I played it it's so fun everyone reading this better play it or you are wasting your lives rn

35 Wizard Tycoon - 2 Player
36 A Very Hungry Pikachu
37 Survival - Beginnings
38 Productive Industries

The best.

39 Four Corners
40 Rblxware (Beta)

Sort of like epic minigames, except better. I like the concept of the minigames and sometimes how some of the minigames are in the lobby itself! I love the 2018 Halloween event, it's just so creative!

41 Survivor

Its very fun and intersting

It's not really underrated for now, usually in the front page but not on top. - starryrcad

Really tense

Honestly, this is so underrated. It's a good game and used to be on the front page, but now it's non-existent. #Survivor

42 Lazers

Was popular, now forgotten

43 Build-A-bot

An old fnaf rp, popular for about a day. It's forgotten and kinda laggy but it was a good game. You got to build your own character and play as them.

44 Sword Fighting Tournament

I joined in 2013 when this game was really popular but now over 5 years later barely anyone still plays it. At the time of this being added, there are under 40 people in it.

45 Medieval Warfare: Reforged

Despite having 100 players, it has many ores, trees, locations, wars, and secret chests consisting many ores. The game itself is different to many simulator games as it has more variety than simulator games and there are about no exploiters in the game which makes it fair to play the game. You don't need money to win this game as you can just play to get just as good items.(it will take some time though) - oofhead

Despite having about 100 players, It has a lot to the game than just a swordfight game. It has many ores, trees, locations, features and secret chests.

The game coinsists many types of ores, trees, wars, and much more detail into the game. It deserves more players.

46 Roblox Battle 2018 Edition

This game is actually from 2012 but this 2018 version is a much better and cleaner version. However now there’s so few people playing it because in my opinion now players now play those popular games that’s on the front page and it neglected some of the old game like this and this game is a very fun game when you fight each other

47 Roblox Uno

Funny blindsides happening all the time. The game has awesome graphics, and it's really fun. Unfortunately, most people don't understand that, and it has an average of approximately 300. (If Lab Experiment is on here with an average of 500, and Survivor has an average of 3,000, this game should be on here, too.)

48 Treehouse Tycoon

It was in experimental mode (thank the god that crap died), hasn't updated in a year and a half, and it still works with excellent quality. Amongst my top choices.

49 Person299's Minigames

Remember it? The original minigame game, from 2008. It's in fact the second oldest game I know, with the first being The Underground War, yet it's still great. Still, not many people are going to have the first question's answer yes.

50 Jailbreak

I mean its good but still - Bammer73

Why does everyone h8 dis gaem lol

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