Most Underrated Roxette Songs


The Top Ten

1 Small Talk

A Song that reminds of Joyride. Maybe if the Album was Small Talk and Small Talk had been a single instead of Joyride Small Talk would have been a big international hit and Joyride only a song known by the real fans. - SuperAJ303

2 Secrets That She Keeps

From Roxette's debut album Pearls Of Passion

Those who likes "Fading like a flower" might also like this song I think - SuperAJ303

3 Like Lovers Do

From Pearls Of Passion - SuperAJ303

4 I Don't Want to Get Hurt

From the first edition of Roxette's greatest hits. - SuperAJ303

5 Perfect Day

From the Joyride album - SuperAJ303

6 The Rain

From the Tourism Album - SuperAJ303

7 Jefferson

From the Roomservice album - SuperAJ303

8 It Will Take a Long Long Time

From the Have A Nice Day album - SuperAJ303

9 (Do You Get) Excited?

Should have been a single

10 Fingertips '93

it's not the best among the not already mentioned underrated Roxette songs, but I think it's the most underrated.

And because I chose that song, there where no on top 10 space for
Run to You
Here Comes The Weekend
One Is Such a Lonely Number
What's she Like
The First Girls On The Moon
Knockin' On Every Door
Church Of Your Heart
She Doesn't Live Here Anymore
etc. - SuperAJ303

The Contenders

11 Silver Blue
12 One is Such a Lonely Number
13 What's She Like?
14 The First Girl on the Moon
15 Stupid
16 Knockin' on Every Door
17 She Doesn't Live Here Anymore
18 Myth
19 See Me
20 Run to You
21 Speak to Me
22 It's Possible
23 Church of Your Heart
24 Entering Your Heart
25 Things Will Never Be the Same
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