Top 10 Most Underrated Rush Songs


The Top Ten

1 Lakeside Park

They are playing this one and "what you're doing" in there encore for their R40 I'm so excited - makyho

2 Countdown
3 Turn the Page

I think this entire album is underrated.

Just classic rush here..intense, has those real technical partswe all far my favorite on this list

4 Witch Hunt
5 Cut to the Chase
6 Entre Nous
7 Digital Man
8 Totem

This song is so much fun to listen to and to sing! It expresses the evolution of Neil Peart's tolerance toward religions.

9 What You're Doing

This one is a fine example of Rush’s rocking’ early period

10 Losing It

I really love this list! It was hard to pick any of them but I had to go with losing it one of there most emotional songs.
LOVE IT - makyho

The Newcomers

? Between the Wheels
? Manhattan Project

The Contenders

11 The Enemy Within

The New-age ragae that Rush did in the early 80's was simpler, yet comolex and difficult. I love the bass part of this song, and jam along with my bass. P/G live was incredible!

12 You Bet Your Life
13 Tears
14 The Fountain of Lamneth

How do people dislike this masterpiece? Should be no. 1.

This song really grew on me. - Pony

15 By-Tor and the Snow Dog


16 Natural Science

This song, being the last song on the "Permanent Waves" record, is one underrated masterpiece. It's switching on beats makes it very enjoyable... Also it boasts one of Alex Lifeson's best solos! Try it, you won't be disappointed.

This song and 2112 are my favorite Rush songs (and songs of all time).

17 Armor and Sword
18 Prime Mover
19 I Think I'm Going Bald
20 Tai Shan

Such a beautiful song. - Andrevalenca

CRIMINALLY Underrated - Brobusky

21 In the End
22 Nocturne

I think this is THE most underrated Rush song.

23 Out of the Cradle
24 Chain Lightning
25 Here Again
26 A Farewell to Kings

My second favorite from the same titled album. I think its very underrated and one of rush best songs

27 Jacob's Ladder

I rate this song very high

28 Take a Friend

This song is just... MM! Opens with a fast paced rhythm and suddenly switches to a more heavy pace. Perfect.

29 Heresy
30 Ceiling Unlimited
31 Double Agent
32 Time and Motion
33 Between Sun & Moon
34 Cinderella Man
35 War Paint
36 Bravest Face
37 Grand Designs
38 Red Lenses
39 Available Light
40 Before and After
41 In the End
42 Wear Your Love Like Heaven
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1. Out of the Cradle
2. Chain Lightning
3. Heresy
1. Countdown
2. Manhattan Project
3. Witch Hunt
1. Cut to the Chase
2. Lakeside Park
3. Totem


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