Most Underrated Sci-fi Movies


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21 Mission To Mars
22 The Shadow V 1 Comment
23 Supernova


24 Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith
25 Interstellar
26 Space Truckers
27 Judge Dredd
28 The Hidden V 1 Comment
29 Stalker
30 Solaris (1972)
31 Prometheus
32 Space Camp
33 Doom
34 Star Trek: The Motion Picture

Underappriciated simply because of its slow pace dispite the fact that Alien and 2001 were slow paced but they get praise because critices say those movies did it better and most grew up watching Star Trek 2 which leads peolpe to unfairly hate this film

35 Soldier

A contender for the most underrated sci fi movie of all time. Also maybe the best Kirt Russell movie of all time. If you are one of those "I don't like Kirt Russell" people, this is the movie that will make you say, "I don't like Kirt Russel, except in that Soldier movie." I felt that way about George Clooney in "From Dusk Till Dawn". I don't like George Clooney, except in that Dusk Till Dawn movie. But Soldier is nothing like DTD. It gives Kirt a role that, ironically, allows him to talk less and act more. He pulls it off perfectly in Soldier.

36 Real Steel

Sure it has a pretty silly premise: boxing robots. But the film in my opinion is pretty intense. The robot fights were epic and I think this has to be Hugh Jackman's most underrated role. The child actor didn't do so bad either, the two of them had great chemistry. Definitely check this film out.

37 Dredd
38 Blade Runner
39 Fifth Element
40 Minority Report
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