Most Underrated Season 1 Episodes of The Simpsons

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Bart the General

This is easily one of the most underrated episodes. And its pretty good. - cosmo

Very underrated episode. Enough said. - EpicJake

I like this one - Goatworlds

First appearance of Nelson Muntz.

The Call of the Simpsons

Homer is bigfoot. Enough said - DoubleJ2005

If only for this bit: "What am I gonna do? I've murdered us all! " "Murdered us all... murdered us all..."
"Shut up! " "Shut up... shut up..."
"D'oh! " "D'oh... D'oh..."

There's No Disgrace Like Home

Homer is really different in this episode. He is mad at Marge for being drunk, yeah its at his boss Mr Burns home but would he behave like that after season 1? Nope. He would give up the T.V. in this episode.

Some Enchanted Evening

The very first produced episode of The Simpsons.

Homer's Odyssey

Emotional epside. Homer actually attempted suicide! It's fortunate his death was prevented... The experience changed Homer...

The Crepes of Wrath
Simpsons Roasting On an Open Fire

My favourite season 1 episode!

I like it (2nd favorite) but it isn't underrated... - Maddox121

The first ever - Knucklewood

I LOVE this classic Christmas special and I LOVE CHRISTMAS. Great episode! 😂

Homer's Night Out

My only problem with the episode is Marge overreacting to finding out about the photo of Homer and she's not just mad but furious and yet she wasn't this furious when he accidentally blew up the Church in "She of Little Faith". - egnomac

Love this one - Goatworlds

Moaning Lisa

I have no idea why Ralph Wiggum looks completely different to Simpsons Roasting on An Open Fire and Bart the General episodes before Moaning Lisa.
I dunno if these are Ralphs first lines - Hey, nice smile.
You know, I used to think you were some sort of a Brainiac, but, I guess you're okay, and...

Bart the Genius

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Krusty Gets Busted

Sideshow Bob makes a small appearance in Telltale Head.

Great episode.

First Sideshow Bob episode, no one knew he did it till Lisa and Bart figured it out with the pacemaker, illiterate, and feet.

I would vote for this, but it isn't underrated. We all know it is a very good episode - DoubleJ2005

Telltale Head

This morning I was on wikipedia and the full story was messed up instead of bart it said alvin and the chipmunks on every sentence.-Miles ''Tails'' Prower.

Life On the Fast Lane

This is the episode whose plot summary was sent to Dear Abby in the guise of an actual letter

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