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1 Season 1

Bart the Genius, hello the scrabble game. Bart cheating on his IQ test but poor Bart in a school he was never brainy enough to attend. Moaning Lisa, that is not a boring episode remember the boxing video game and Homers nightmare of it. I liked the first opening Bart taking the bus stop sign, that's so Bart.

I wish Sky One would show some episodes from it. Channel 4 used to nearly all the time once weird.

It wasn't the best, considering the fact it had just started, but some episodes are quite underrated, including 'Homer's Night Out'

Best Episode: Homer's Night Out - RickyReeves

I love Homer's Night Out. It was just awesome. I agree about Season 1's best episode. - Goatworlds

Just because Homer's voice was different, some of the characters looked different. Homer's original job was forgotten and how he got his new job at the power plant was forgotten. (e.g. Homer's enemy)
Just because some episodes were really emotional e.g. Moaning Lisa doesn't mean they were crap.
Just because the intro was different doesn't mean it was an awful season.
Emotional episodes doesn't mean they are a little bland.

Call of The Simpson's was the funniest.

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2 Season 9

It's my favorite season and some S9 episodes rarely gets mentioned on the sites I go to and I think its actually very good, some say S9 is the end of the golden era of The Simpsons, but I think its S10...

Best Episode: The City of New York vs Homer Simpson - RickyReeves

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3 Season 11

The Season after the golden era, some episodes weren't up-to-standard but 'Behind the Laughter' saved S11's backside...

Best Episode: Behind the Laughter - RickyReeves

It was not a terrible season. I saw the first episode from the season on Sky One a few weeks ago, it was a funny episode, I haven't seen it for years.

4 Season 15

A great season, with some great episodes, but underrated, but I don't like The Regina Monologues...

Best Episode: Treehouse of Horror XIV - RickyReeves

5 Season 14

After the disappointing Seasons 11 and 12 and the forgettable Season 13, Season 14 was a big return to form for the series. Seasons 14, 15 and 16 are all fantastic. Season 17 wasn't bad either. Season 18 was mediocre, and Season 19 where the show once again turned to crap.

Moe baby blues? Three Gays of the condo? The best treehouse of horror in 5 years?

Some really good and enjoyable episodes, underrated as well (including In the Strong arms of Ma and Large Marge, amongst others)

Best Episode (s): Three Gays of the Condo and A Star is Born Again - RickyReeves

6 Season 25

Actually a season that could have been in the 11-16 region of The Simpsons, definitely better than the past 5-6 Seasons, (and underrated as well)

Best Episode (s): Brick Like Me, Labor Pains and Days of Future Future - RickyReeves

Believe it or not, one of my all time favorite seasons of the simpsons.

7 Season 10

The End of the Golden Era of The Simpsons, in my opinion, really funny episodes and moments, and of course underrated too...

Best Episode (s): Thirty Minutes over Tokyo, Lard of the Dance, Treehouse of Horror IX and Viva Ned Flanders - RickyReeves

8 Season 16

A Nice Season, underrated episodes as well...

Best Episode (s): Goo Goo Gai Pan, There's Something about Marrying, Home away from Homer and The Father, The Son and the Holy Guest Star (I cracked up because of Homer saying he Masturbates a million times and doesn't intend on stopping) - RickyReeves

Good season not as good as season 1-10 but would take it over [shudders] seasons 11 and 12

9 Season 12

Correction: Best Episode is Homer vs Dignity (AKA The most underrated episode of The Simpsons) - Goatworlds

Good episodes, underrated too

Best Episode (s): I'm going' to Praiseland and Bye Bye Nerdie - RickyReeves

10 Season 20

This season had such funny episodes

This season is SO underrated


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11 Season 13

Funny and episodes (some of them) and pretty underrated as well.

Best Episode (s): Treehouse of Horror XII, Blame it on Lisa and Sweet and Sour Marge. - RickyReeves

12 Season 21
13 Season 2
14 Season 27

So Underrated. If you saw Barthood, Halloween of Horror, etc., vote for this

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