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1 Season 1

I love this season

This season was the beginning of the Golden Age ( 1-10 ).

Bart the Genius, hello the scrabble game. Bart cheating on his IQ test but poor Bart in a school he was never brainy enough to attend. Moaning Lisa, that is not a boring episode remember the boxing video game and Homers nightmare of it. I liked the first opening Bart taking the bus stop sign, that's so Bart.

I wish they could've used the first intro on more of the earlier seasons. 2-4?

2 Season 9

When Homer had a crayon in his brain it contradicted "Lisa the Simpson".

Its because of the what episode Principal Skinner. But was a funny episode. Skinner likes dog food, Homer eats it, reaction to the name and Bart laughing and Skinner's mother reaction, up yours children, in your dreams, getting him home.

"Miracle on Evergreen Terrace", "Lisa the Simpson", and "The Principal and the Pauper" made this season terrible. Season 9 = Worst season
(The 3 aforementioned episodes above are non-canon).

"The Principal and the Pauper" is non canon. Period!

3 Season 11

Oh shut up with this silver age, golden age.
A few quotes from Homer Simpsons.
"Change the channel, Marge."
"I can just get up and change the channel."

The beginning of the Silver Age, which lasted from this season to Season 17 or parts of Season 18.

Good thing Bart to the Future is non canon. What a horrible episode from the Silver Age (11-18).

This season was quite terrible mainly although it had some fine episodes and moments.

4 Season 15

Season 15 was really good. You get to see Mona simpson and Artie Stink again!

The best season of the Digital Age (Seasons 14-18).

If it wasn't for Bart Mangled Banner, this season would have been better.

Season 15, along with 12, 14, 16, 17, are great seasons.

5 Season 14

-The Simpsons Silver Age (11-18)
Season 11: Bad
Season 12: Great
Season 13: Okay
Season 14: Good
Season 15: Wonderful
Season 16: Decent
Season 17: Fine
Season 18: Mediocre

-The Simpsons Silver Age ratings
Season 11: 6/10
Season 12: 9/10
Season 13: 6.5/10
Season 14: 8/10
Season 15: 8.75/10
Season 16: 7.75/10
Season 17: 8.5/10
Season 18: 7/10

Silver Age: 11-18

Season 14 was good, on par with Seasons 12, 15, 16, and 17.

After the disappointing Seasons 11 and 12 and the forgettable Season 13, Season 14 was a big return to form for the series. Seasons 14, 15 and 16 are all fantastic. Season 17 wasn't bad either. Season 18 was mediocre, and Season 19 where the show once again turned to crap.

6 Season 10

It's still one of the best seasons, although it's the last season of the Golden Age (1-10).

The Simpsons season rankings 1-29

Still among the best seasons, perhaps the Golden Age.

One of the greatest seasons.

7 Season 25

"Days of Future Future" was such an awful future themed episode. Even "Bart to the Future", once rated as the worst episode of the series, was much better than "Days of Future Future".

This season was a slight improvement upon Seasons 23 and 24.

An improvement over Season 24.

Days of Future Future wasn't bad, although it could've been better.
-Best to worst Future themed episodes
1. Lisa's Wedding
2. Future Drama
3. Barthood
4. Holidays of Future Passed
5. Days of Future Future
6. Mr. Lisa's Opus
7. Bart to the Future

8 Season 16

Nah, either Season 15 or Season 17 were much better than this season. Although, Season 12 is actually the best season of the Silver Age (11-18).

Well, at least Future-Drama was good, and better than Bart to the Future. Season 16 may have not been as Seasons 1-10, 12, 14-15, but it's alright season.
Rating: 7.5/10

Season 16 (2004)
Best episode: "Sleeping with the Enemy"
Worst episode: "On a Clear Day I Can't See my Sister"

Lisa has a big butt! Lisa has a big butt!

9 Season 2

It may among the early seasons, but it's still undoubtedly one of the best seasons of the series.

You see people list 3-8 or 3-10 and others list 2-8 or 2-10 as the golden era. Never understand why some people don't include season 2 in that golden era. Personally I like seasons 2, 3 and 4 the most and feel they're very similar in terms of quality and writing

This season IS part of the Golden Age (1-10). It's among the best...

10 Season 12

-Simpson Safari

Bart: Alright, I got another one (crosses warthog)
Lisa: Hey, you didn't see a warthog!
Bart: I am looking at one right now.
Lisa: Mom, Bart implied I was a warthog.
Marge: Nobody's a warthog.
Bart: What about him?
(Lisa looks to her left only to find a warthog chewing on her hair)
Lisa: (Screams)
Bart: (Laughing)

Silver Age (Seasons 11-18) rankings
Best to worst

The best season of the Silver Age ( 11-18 )
Best to worst seasons

This Season had quite a lot of viewers.


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11 Season 13

Even though most of the episodes were regular, the finale was amazing.

-Silver Age (11-18)
Season 11: 6/10
Season 12: 8.7510
Season 13: 6.5/10
Season 14: 7.75/10
Season 15: 8.5/10
Season 16: 7.5/10
Season 17: 8/10
Season 18: 7/10

The Simpsons best to worst Silver Age Seasons (11-18)

Silver Age (11-18) rankings

12 Season 20

Great season. Up there with Seasons 1-10, 12-17, and 27.

Season 20 was amazing!

This season was much better than Season 19.

Lisa Simpson taking Happy Pills (Anti Depressants) was funny and creepy at the same time.

13 Season 19

Simpsons creator Matt Groening once called this as "our most ambitious season yet."
Note: This is the first post-movie season.

So underrated that it's barely memorable for the most part.

Unfortunately, this season wasn't released as part of the DVD series.

This season only have 20 episodes!

14 Season 21

Not a bad season, although "The Color Yellow" further ruined the Simpsons.

Even though Season 20 had slightly better episodes, Season 21 was still decent.

"The Color Yellow" is not canon. It's non canon.

"The Color Yellow" is non-canon.

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15 Season 27

The Simpsons Bronze Age (19-29) ratings
Season 19: 7.5/10
Season 20: 9/10
Season 21: 8.5/10
Season 22: 7.75/10
Season 23: 7.25/10
Season 24: 7/10
Season 25: 7.5/10
Season 26: 8.25/10
Season 27: 8.75/10
Season 28: 6.5/10
Season 29: 8.25/10

Underrated season that deserves more credit.

Amazing season. Barthood was great and better than Holidays of Future Passed.

This was an okay to good season. Thus it had great episodes such as Barthood, Halloween of Horror, and so on.

16 Season 30
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