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21 Masato Inohara and Saigusa Haruka (Little busters)
22 Koharin (Inuyasha) Koharin (Inuyasha)

(Kohaku & Rin) It's extremely over Sesshomaru & Rin but those two are around the same age and had some good and cute interactions when they were together.

23 Wario & Captain Syrup (Wario Land)

Overshadowed by Wario and Mona but both are greedy and can see them working well together.

24 Crona (Soul Eater) Crona (Soul Eater)
25 Squidward and Squilliam (Spongebob Squarepants) Squidward and Squilliam (Spongebob Squarepants)

Squidward seems to always want to impress him and freaks out when he sees him and Squiliam likes to tease him so I think its cute

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26 Ron & Harry (Harry Potter series) Ron & Harry (Harry Potter series)

Overshadowed by overrated Drarry Ron and Harry seemed to understand each other, get along well, and sacrificed so much for each other it's way better than Drarry.

27 Wario and Mona (WarioWare)
28 Conker and Rodent (Conker's Bad Fur Day)
29 SpecialJewelShipping (Pokemon Special/Pokemon Adventures)
30 Alphasgore (Undertale)
31 Tails & Zooey (Sonic Boom)

I so agree with this one. Tails and Zooey are perfect for each other. Cream should never be in a relationship and is a terrible character. Plus, Zooey is an awesome addition to Sonic Boom.

32 Barry & Dawn (Pokemon P/D/P)

You can't say that this isn't a cute couple.

33 Shadow & Rouge (Sonic) Shadow & Rouge (Sonic)

Often hated because people think KnucklesXRouge is canon (which it's not, Rouge is just a flirt who wants the Master Emerald and Knuckles hates her), or because they want Shadow to be ice-hearted, a complete loner who hates everyone, and bloodthirsty, which he is not the latter. Shadow and Rouge are perfect for each other, to be honest. They are always on the same team and they seem to have chemistry going on. And no, they're not brother and sister. Rouge flirts with Shadow too, for goodness sake. (Want proof? Play Sonic Battle's story mode)

34 Pearlshipping (Ash X Dawn)
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