Top 10 Most Underrated Simpsons Episodes


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1 Simpson Tide (Season 9)

A very funny episode showing Homer's determination combined with his shear stupidity one of my favourites.

2 In Marge We Trust (Season 8)
3 The Old Man and the Key (Season 13)
4 The President Wore Pearls (Season 15)
5 New Kids On the Blecch (Season 12) V 1 Comment
6 Trilogy of Terror (Season 12)

I gotta say every episode since 2010 is underrated. But this is pretty underrated. I love this episode it's awesome - Harri666

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7 Homie the Clown (Season 6)
8 A Star Is Burns (Season 6)

Some people don't like it because of the obvious advertisement of the unsuccessful show 'The Critic' but look past that and it's a great episode. it is one of the very humerous ones and it wasnt an episode for Homer or Jay Sherman, the episode was stolen by Hans Moleman and Barney Gumble. With memorably quotes like ' I was saying Boo-Urns... ' and 'Don't Cry for me, I'm already dead. ' Not the best Simpsons episode of all time. But one of the best of Season 6, definitely one of the best Simpsons seasons.

9 Bart On the Road (Season 7)
10 A Tale of Two Springfields (Season 12)

The Who (band) is in this episode - Ajkloth

The Contenders

11 Brick Like Me (Season 25)
12 Four Regrettings and a Funeral (Season 25)
13 Bart the Genius (Season 1)
14 Weekend at Burnsie's (Season 13)
15 Pay Pal (Season 25)
16 The Man Who Grew Too Much (Season 25)
17 Bart The General (Season 1)

The first masterpiece Matt Groening ever made

This was. Great episode that should be remembered - OneWayStreet

18 Homer vs. Dignity (Season 12) V 1 Comment
19 Three Men and a Comic Book (Season 2)
20 Blood Feud (Season 2)
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1. Simpson Tide (Season 9)
2. In Marge We Trust (Season 8)
3. The Old Man and the Key (Season 13)



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