Top 10 Underrated Soccer Transfers of the Summer of 2017

The Top Ten

1 Andriy Yarmolenko (Dynamo Kyiv to Borussia Dortmund) Andriy Yarmolenko (Dynamo Kyiv to Borussia Dortmund)

How? He was bought for 27.5 million, I mean, this lad is the most underrated transfer as he was part of a Dynamo team what won 21 out of 32 games in the last season. He scored a crazy, I repeat 28 games 15 goals, 3 assists. He is a fantastic player.

2 Dominic Solanke (Chelsea to Liverpool) Dominic Solanke (Chelsea to Liverpool)

He may be backup, but when Firmino leaves, Solanke looks good and a steal for nothing. When Paulinho costs 30 million, we picked a bargain with Solanke. Looks good in pre season, could be world beater with Liverpool.

3 Steve Mounie (Montepieller to Huddersfield) Steve Mounie (Montepieller to Huddersfield)

This man who scored in his full season as a starter, 14 goals in 35 games,and could be a star and has shown some incredible flashes of form and could be a great player for the Terriers this season. Next Drogba on the cards?

4 Sandro Ramirez (Malaga to Everton) Sandro Ramirez (Malaga to Everton)

At 22 years of age, this lad scored 14 goals and 1 assist, this lad looks a star in the making, with his skills showing in La Liga, this could be the season where they find the replacement for Lukaku.

5 Davide Zappacosta (Torino to Chelsea) Davide Zappacosta (Torino to Chelsea)

This man completes a lot of dribbles per game, while might not be on the level of Moses now, still is the perfect player for Conte 3-4-3 as it could allow him to flourish in a Chelsea shirt. This could allow him to become a star in blue.

6 Vincente Iborra (Sevilla-Leicester) Vincente Iborra (Sevilla-Leicester)

Why was this a real coup? Well let me explain, this lad was captain at Sevilla, making lots of tackles per game and could allow Ndidi to attack while Iborra sits back or they both do, and allow their passes to link with players like Iheanacho and Vardy.

7 Rick Karsdorp (Feyenoord to Roma) Rick Karsdorp (Feyenoord to Roma)

He was one of the hottest prospects in Europe and the transfer mostly went under the weather. He creates chances and is already a regular in the Dutch national at team at just age 22, when the Dutch need someone like him the most.

8 Lucas Bigila (Lazio to Milan) Lucas Bigila (Lazio to Milan)

A steady presence in midfield, Bigila was a great player for Lazio is a bargain for 17 million, when Paulinho costs 30 million and was a great transfer overall..

9 Gareth Barry (Everton to West Brom) Gareth Barry (Everton to West Brom)

This man was a steady presence for Everton and fits the Pulis style of play perfectly at West Brom and is going to be a premier league record breaker, and has always been a underrated player in the Premier League.

10 Davy Klassen (Ajax to Everton) Davy Klassen (Ajax to Everton)

He captained Ajax to the Europa League final and to almost a Eredivisie title. He scores and assists, and was impressive in more than just one season. He was a rock at Ajax, and probably will be at Everton

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