Top 10 Most Underrated Songs of the 2000s

Songs from the 2000s decade that really didn't get a whole lot of attention. However songs from the 2010s don't count and will be excluded.

The Top Ten

1 Goodbye Again - Vertical Horizon

The most underrated song from the decade in my opinion.

2 I Want All of You - The Verve Pipe

Underrated and solid song.

3 November Has Come - Gorillaz

A very overlooked song from a good album.

4 Up Periscope - Drake Bell

Drake Bell has lots of underrated songs this is no exception.

5 Waiting - Green Day

Overlooked like the rest of the Warning album.

6 No Roads Left - Linkin Park

Very underrated in my opinion.

7 Into You - Dead by Sunrise

Underrated to a extent.

8 Cigarettes - Fort Minor

Somewhat underrated and it criticizes a portion of rap that's generic or uninspired.

9 Drowning - Crazy Town

Obvious LP ripoff but it is somewhat underrated.

10 Can't Make You Love Me - Britney Spears

Felt like including it somewhere in the top ten.

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