Top 10 Most Underrated Songs by the Grunge Four

The Grunge four consists of: Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains and Soundgarden. Here are their most underrated songs.

The Top Ten

1 You Know You're Right - Nirvana

Probably their most underrated song it's pretty damn good.

2 Brother - Alice in Chains

Pretty underrated.

3 My Wave - Soundgarden

One of their most underrated songs.

4 Save You - Pearl Jam

One of Pearl Jam's most underrated songs.

5 Been a Son - Nirvana

Another underrated Nirvana song.

6 Lesson Learned - Alice in Chains

Even though it's not Layne singing the song it's not bad.

7 Sirens - Pearl Jam

While not as good as their old stuff it's not bad overall.

8 By Crooked Steps - Soundgarden

Chris does a semi- decent job on this song.

9 Drain You - Nirvana

One of the more less known tracks of Nevermind.

10 Head Creeps - Alice in Chains

The Contenders

11 Hollow - Alice in Chains

From their worst album but it's not their worst song.

12 4th of July - Soundgarden
13 Downer - Nirvana
14 God Smack - Alice in Chains
15 Aero Zeppelin - Nirvana
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