Top Ten Underrated Songs by Underrated Bands

Well ,yeah whacky title I know.....but hey you can-(I think those words about voting and editing the list shall magically appear)

The Top Ten

1 Blossom and Blood - Midnight Oil

I definitely like this list and your choices, Toucan. I have a soft spot for underrated stuff, too - this is where one can hear something different from the mainstream music. - Metal_Treasure

This was the first midnight oil song I heard and it came as a big surprise that no one knew about it - Toucan

2 Pictures of Home - Deep Purple

I myself wrote many times that this song is awesome and it's very underrated. This song has 5 solos on different instruments and they don't sound boring! How they did that? - Metal_Treasure

Well as much as it hurts me to say,deep purple are underatted(they deserve way more popularity than just smoke on the water).this song has everything! (even a vey short bass solo like thingie) - Toucan

3 Phoenix Rising - Annihilator

I feel guilty here - I am a massive Annihilator fan and 2 hours ago I even made a list about them but... I never paid much attention to this song. I will give it another listen. Thanks. - Metal_Treasure

This song is extremely's a pity few know about it. - Toucan

4 Hall of the Mountain King - Rainbow

Well very few have heard this song and it hurts to know what the others are missing on! - Toucan

Oh yes, this is how metal should be done, especially the second part. Rainbow is a very underrated band in general but even more underrated are the albums after Dio departure. This song is from 1995.
Side note: I don't like the song sample available on this site because it's a live version and this particular section doesn't say much about the beauty of this song. Find the original. - Metal_Treasure

5 Year of the Tiger - St. Vincent

St Vincent is a creepy songwriter,but this song is really awesome and it has the feel! (the feel is something that elevates your soul).SO GO AND LISTEN TO IT NOW - Toucan

6 Eye of the Hurricane - Blue Oyster Cult

Many will be like - BOC underrated? WELL IT IS WHERE I COME FROM! Anyway yeah awesome some. - Toucan

7 Crimson King - Demons & Wizards
8 Other Side of Life - The Moody Blues

This song is magical in my opinion - Toucan

I'm not sure that the band is underrated - unless of course one considers the electors for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as some sort of credible authority or source. - Billyv

9 Diabolus - Primal Fear
10 Are You the One - Scorpions

Well you must have heard rock you like a hour an N' winds of change but have you heard this - Toucan

The Contenders

11 On the Way Home - Buffalo Springfield

This is an outstanding song by an outstanding group, and gets my vote (not just so I could comment). I'd be more inclined to call them (and maybe some others on this list) more overlooked or little known than "underrated" though. - Billyv

12 Fly - Blind Guardian
13 Arc-Lite - Coroner
14 Starrider - Foreigner
15 The Sorceress - Angel Witch

These guys are really really really underatted and so is the song - Toucan

16 Blackest Eyes - Porcupine Tree

I really love this song! wish others would that sounded creepy - Toucan

17 Root to All Evil - Dead Brain Cells
18 Anybody There - Rainbow
19 April - Deep Purple

Check out this beauty (1969.) - Metal_Treasure

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1. Diabolus - Primal Fear
2. Crimson King - Demons & Wizards
3. Blossom and Blood - Midnight Oil
1. Blossom and Blood - Midnight Oil
2. Pictures of Home - Deep Purple
3. Phoenix Rising - Annihilator


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