Most Underrated Songs from Ed Sheeran's Divide

What do you think is the most underrated song from Ed Sheeran's divide?

The Top Ten Most Underrated Songs from Ed Sheeran's Divide

1 Hearts Don't Break Around Here

This song and How Would You Feel are sooo underrated to be honest

2 What Do I Know

I love this song but not as much as othrs

I don’t think any are as such underrated but this is the one song which you never really talk about Sheerio to Sheerio from the album. Shame — it’s not a bad song, I remember this to be the one song I initially listened to on repeat when I first heard the album because of its great vibes, however Castle On The Hill was Still my fave

3 Dive

...loved it

4 Supermarket Flowers


5 Perfect

Come on, this one!


6 Eraser

Love this song it should be number one on the charts

7 Save Myself
8 Nancy Mulligan

Such an underrated song. Should be well up there. Great storyline behind a catchy and awesome song.

9 How Would You Feel (Paean)
10 Barcelona

Oh yea I went there last week

The Contenders

11 Happier

AMAZING - Swiftdawn

12 New Man

Its SUPER catchy and I'm still OBSESSED

13 Shape of You
14 Castle on the Hill

Not even top 10 shame... This should be put on a new list for best song of all time.

15 Galway Girl

I love this song so much! It's amazing!

16 Bibia Be Ye Ye
17 Sing
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