Most Underrated Sonic Games

In The Sonic The Hedgehog Series (By Sega): There Are The Games That Are Fan Favorite Such as Sonic Adventure 2. However, There Are 5 Games on The Series Have Too Much Hate Showing The Unappreciation They Already Have.

So Let's Get The Love of Those Games and The Rules Are The Same as The Overrated List.

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1 Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)

I Heard The Sonic Adventure 2 Fanbrats Are Screaming At The Top Of There Lungs at Their Lungs Right Now.
Yeah That's Right, The Most HATED Game in The Sonic Franchise Also in My Opinion The Underrated Game of The Franchise. Everywhere on The Internet: The Bad Memes About Sonic 2006 is Starting to Get Really REALLY Annoying Nowdays and it Makes This is Underrated as The Sonic Storybook Series. If You Are a Sonic Fanboy Who Really Hates This Game Need Some Huge Help. Anyways The Game is Great Because Of The Gameplay. I Know it Was Hard to Control Due to The Glitches and Bugs But I Have Fun With The Game To Care. Also They Complain That Soundtrack is too Generic Compared to Previous Games. I Think That it is FANTASTIC, You Don't Want to Listen to Boring Music That's Way People Prefer Sonic Music Over Mario Music Because Sonic Music Has Much More Variety Unlike Mario Music Which They Have Wacky Instrumentals With Too Child Like Themes (No Offensive Koji Kondo) Also They Complain About ...more

Shame what happened to this game. It was supposed to be released in the fall of 2007 but Microsoft rushed Sonic Team to release it one year earlier as to be Sonic's 15th anniversary game. Resulting in all the issues we have now. I remember playing the demo at a Gamestop with some other kid at the store and we both thought it was bloody amazing. I have a feeling we were playing some demo from the 07 version that we should have gotten. But overall the game isn't as bad as it is portrayed to be; no it isn't trash that belongs in the landfill, no the members of Sonic Team don't need to hang themselves, no it didn't kill the Sonic Franchise. Despite this the game is bad, although I suppose it has an excuse.

I've played a lot of underrated games: Spider-man Web Of Shadows, The Legend Of Spyro Trilogy, Shadow The Hedgehog, Sonic Unleashed, and a few more. We don't get anymore underrated than THIS! This is my all time favorite guilty pleasure and I'm actually proud to say that. The reasons why people hate this game were because of the glitches, load times, frame rate issues on ps3 (Xbox 360 still has a little bit but not a lot) Sonic being slow (which they did to have the game have emphasis on platforming and exploration, which I like) and that kiss. Those are the most bulls*** excuses to hate on a game. I go as far to say this is the BEST ADVENTURE ERA SONIC GAME! Although my favorite Sonic game period is Unleashed.

I really don't get why this game is so underrated. Yes the glitches exist, but they make the game a lot more challenging which I love! It's something this series lacks in general! Plus the music is AMAZING! Easily the best in the series with no questions asked! All of the haters probably just don't like a challenge. - RyanSmith123014

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2 Shadow the Hedgehog

Urgh. This game gets hated for the most stupid and nitpicky of reasons.

1. The game has guns. Why is that a problem? And don't say it's because it ruins the kid friendly feel of Sonic because Jak II did the same thing to it's kid friendly predecessor, and does that game suck because of it? No.

2. Shadow swears. Again referring back to Jak II and 3, that game had instances where characters said p*** and a**. So people are OK with that but not OK with Shadow saying damn, one of the most minor of swear words?

3. The last story is the only real one. Think about it logically. In order for a game's story to continue there has to be at least one ending that's real. If there was no last story and Shadow was a hero in the next game then it would still have the same complaints that all other endings were fake. That aside who gives a F***? The last level was fun, Devil Doom was epic as hell and you get rewarded with the Shadow Rifle for beating it. Gameplay should matter ...more

Nitpicky fans. Wow.

People hate this game for cussing, vehicles, and guns. Well, tons of raging 7 year olds play Call of Duty... so how is Shadow's game breaking the kid friendly feel of Sonic?...

The cussing is beyond fine. I mean, games like Jak and Daxter have cussing in it. Those games used far worse swear words then "damn" which is the only one Shadow uses. Also, the swearing can be funny at times. "Where's that DAMN fourth chaos emerald?! "

As for guns, at least there's no blood or gore when you shoot something. Also, you don't have to use them.

The vehicles are the same. You don't have to use them.

I wonder why people call it the "Dark age of Sonic". It should be called the Dark age of the Sonic fanbase.

... Honestly I really like this game the vehicles sucked (there was legit no reason to use em.) I will say that but other then that... I like mostly everything else about this game hell I'd say it's one of my favorite sonic games nostalgia might have something to do with that as well but I think the gameplay is fun the story is... um interesting to say the least, the controls aren't half bad I think heroes has WAYY worse controls then this game I think they are very useable, the voice acting is really good in my opinion I really like the va's in this game and jason as shadow is the perfect shadow voice when I think of shadow's voice I instantly think of his it's just really fits shadow for some reason but then again my opinion. The branching paths mechanic is also really interesting and I don't mind that there is a "true ending" it's a fitting reward in my opinion for getting all the "endings".

I played this game in 2018. I’m 15 so I didn’t see it when it came out because I was to young. And I played it in modern times and it is awesome. Devil doom was an awesome boss battle. And people wanted to give sonic guns but his moral compass would not make sense to do that. But it was perfect for shadow

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3 Sonic Unleashed

Why isn't this number one? Compelling story, groundbreaking graphics for the time, fantastic soundtrack and great gameplay. Gameplay wise, the werehog gets a lot of undeserved criticism, I personally feel they're okay, at times it can be engaging and fun, and while not as good as the sensational daytime stages, they're still not as bad as everyone says they are. The daytime stages are a blast, they are mostly 3D based unlike the overrated game known as Sonic Colors which is 80% 2D block platforming. This game came out after Sonic 06, a bad unfinished game filled to the brim with bugs and glitches, therefore, if it wasn't for this game, we wouldn't have gotten good titles like Sonic Generations, Sonic Colors (good but overrated) and Sonic Forces.

This game is ok, but I stopped playing it because I got stuck on the city night level - Harri666

The first and best sonic game I've ever played, I'm sorry, but adventure sucks. Unleashed RULES!

You must be stupid to to hate the Werehog because "DUR ITS NAAAWWT SONICCC"

Does not deserve the hate it got. Plus, this was one of Sonic Team's biggest projects, as their life depended on this game. Be grateful that Sonic Unleashed did great because if it didn't do well, Sonic Unleashed would have probably been the last Sonic game and...
---to classic fans, no Sonic Mania. - MasterCreepy

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4 Sonic Lost World

My vote goes to Sonic Lost World. This is one of my favorite Sonic Games and it deserves so much more than it gets. I think that this game really had an interesting idea and had some great mechanics at work. "BUT IT IS TOO SLOW! " This...isn't completely true but that's beside the point. What genre is Sonic supposed to be? A PLATFORMER. Speed is just the reward you get if players platform correctly. "BUT THE PARKOUR SUCKS! " And the reason why is...? Yes, the parkour definitely needs some improvements, but the parkour makes the levels dynamic and I want to see it again. "BUT THERE ARE ATTACK ISSUES". I've never had issues with the attacks at all. "BUT YOU COULDN'T GET A LIFE FROM COLLECTING RINGS IN THE INITIAL RELEASE! " WHAT? 1. They fixed that, 2. Was that what made the Sonic Games so great? "BUT THE BOSSES ARE PATHETIC! " Yes...that's the only argument I agree with. And, NO it is NOT copying Mario Galaxy. He's not in space. And the main reason it doesn't copy Galaxy is because the ...more - DCfnaf

When I first played and beat Sonic Lost World I only thought the game was so so. I struggled learning the games controls and new mechanics introduced. There were some levels I absolutely despised. While I didn't think it was a "bad" game, when at first comparing it to some of the previous entries I thought it lacked in some areas like level design. However, after a while playing through it with a more open mind and taking time to learn its mechanics better I soon began to greatly enjoy Lost World. Being able to pull off some stunts with the parkour and getting a really good time on a level were very satisfying. Levels that I didn't care for whether by their gimmick or dieing a lot got better after learning the controls. When I took time to explore the levels, what I though lacked wasn't as bad as I thought. Sonic Lost World when taking it as it is, it's a good solid game. A lot of the complaints I use to have, and I see look more like nitpicks that anything, like Sonic being slow in ...more

I downloaded this game for free with the Mario kart 8 offer, I didn't like it at first, but when I got to world 3 it became really good, also people say that sonic is slow because he uses the spinball instead of speed boost, that is pretty stupid. The only thing I hate about this game is the stupid 6. One resembles Justin Bieber, - Harri666


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5 Sonic and the Black Knight

Worst reasons to hate a sonic game ever!

This game was awesome it made you feel like you were a super fast knight and I understand how the story line was a little lame but who didn't like fighting shadow on the hardest level?

Man I hate this list. Sonic & the Black Knight is overrated with an overall mixed reception (meaning that it got half praise & half criticism).


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6 Sonic Heroes

Stupidest reasons to hate a sonic game ever.

Best sonic game, but people whine about it constantly. Look at the stages, they are the coolest looking stages and so iconic.

It takes FOREVER to complete some stages, and kill some enemies. But it doesn't mean it's that bad. 4/10. - mattstat716

This should be number 1

7 Knuckles' Chaotix

This needs top be top 1! This is the best Sonic game ever!

I wish this game was in Sonic Gems Collection.

The best soundtrack ever!


8 Sonic Chaos

This game does not get enough attention. Nor does Sonic Triple Trouble.

I added this comment because this duology is overhated for being other Classic Era Sonic gems.

9 Sonic R

Am I the only person who likes this game?

Good game. Now shut up.

Not sure how good this game actually is, but I remembered enjoying it as a kid so it shouldn't be that bad - Aquaturtle

I enjoy this game but people just won't shut up about Tails Doll.

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10 Sonic CD

This is way too low on the list. It has the best soundtrack, a creative time travel gimmick, awesome stages, and it's metal sonic's first game.

What he said.

The Contenders

11 Sonic Adventure 2: Battle

Sonic Adventure 2 is a great game with its various levels, multiple characters to play as, and its other features. However, this game definitely is not underrated.

This game is overrated. Not underrated.

Should be number 1, its been considered overrated for so long that people are suddenly even calling it one of the worst. True sonic cycle. - DensestPotato

This is overrated. - DCfnaf

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12 Sonic Rush

This game is my childhood. No one really notices that it and its sequels exist nowadays, though. Why? This game is great!

Did a Modern Amy Rose fan put this here? >:(

13 Sonic Advance 2
14 Sonic 3D Blast

I love this game.

Everyone hates this game mainly because "IT'S SLOW! "

Seriously? The other reasons is because of the camera angle, the "repetitive" objective, bad controls, and level design.

The camera angle is creative in my perspective. I think it's cool for a 3D game.

Every game is repetitive. Yes, Sonic, Zelda, Mario, Halo, Call of Duty... IT'S ALL REPETITIVE. Deal with it!

The controls are fine in my opinion. Just hold the top and right d-pad to control Sonic. It's simple! Just need to get used to it and they'll seem amazing!

Level Design is perfect for the game. You can't mess up that easily. It's that simple.

The game is underrated. I love this game, but it's probably the work of the whiny emo teens we call "Sonic Fans" who always complain about every game.

This game is hated for it's bad control. If you are talking about the Genesis version, I understand, but the Saturn version, you can buy an Analog Stick controller, which makes the game MUCH MUCH easier to control.

A great game to bridge the gap between the genesis games to adventure

Way too underrated, just a forced game for journalists to consider the start of the "dark age". in my opinion it's graphics go right there with DKC2, and the music...its absolutely godly. - DensestPotato

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15 Sonic the Fighters

Its not bad its just boring you can't beat the game while pressing the same button over and over again


16 Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood

It is a Sonic RPG. That's something that has never been done before and sadly never be done since either, probably because of how poorly this game's sales went. I'm a big fan of the RPG genre so when a series like sonic decided to try one out I was intrigued. I also like the story and the new characters in it. I think the Nocturnus Clan is awesome: especially Shade and Ix, and I also like the various alien races quite a lot. The music... while I can see why people don't like it I don't personally have a problem with it. It's overly simplistic for the most part, and that's better than actually being bad. TWO THEMES, HOWEVER, ARE AMAZING. THE FINAL BOSS AND REGULAR BOSS THEME The last thing that makes this game good for me is the dialog system. While most of the things you say don't really have an effect on the game, I think it's a nice touch. Lastly, I do admit the game has its flaws, with the numerous glitches and exploits I have found with the game and the high expectations ...more

This game is overrated, you mean. Why are Modern Sonic games higher than Classic Sonic games on this list?

The battle system is fun and... das it, what are RPGs? Taking your time, what are sonic games about? Going fast. And the music, oh god the music, it's a complete ear sore

No, its pretty dull, not necesarilly terrible but besides the story adding up info on obscure lore of the series (emerl) its not interesting. - DensestPotato

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17 Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection
18 Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity
19 Sonic & Knuckles

Man, this list is disagreeable now. This game is the best Sonic ame ever, so thus it deserves the top 1 spot for sure.

This shouldn't be on the list because this is a good game. - MasterCreepy

& Knuckles

20 Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice

Surprisingly, this is much better than Rise of Lyric and Shattered Crystal. Excluding the unpolished graphics, Fire & Ice's gameplay is more fun and innovative for a Sonic Boom game. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

21 Sonic Battle

This game is overrated, you mean. Mixed to positive reviews, 2D character sprites, horrendous music, etc... This game sucks!

Pop Quiz: What is The Best Sonic Fighting Game For The Game Boy Advance? It's Sonic Battle. This Game Never Dissapoint With a Great Fighting System, Good/Reused Sprites, A Awesome Soundtrack and One of The Most Epic Plot in The Entire Sonic Series so Far. I Find This Underrated Because Most of The Fans Never Heard of It or Never Seen it Before. I thing is a Great Fighting Game For Sonic and a Great Fighting Game in General That Even Beats Sonic The Fighters. The Only Problem is That The Characters Voices is Reused Too Much and Its Get Annoying at Times But Still a Great Game.(For The GBA)

I only played this once, but its good. Thde animation is its main flaw. Its sega equalevent to smash minus the smash ball. Better than 4 because this actually have useful characters and a vgood roster.

22 Sonic Generations for 3DS

They're both 2d, one with boosting, one without... They both have the homing attack, too... - mattstat716

23 Sonic and the Secret Rings

Its terrible, controls badly and is overall a tease of whatever else was to come out on the wii (which was pretty solid, yes even the black knight). - DensestPotato

This game very cool

The Controlls are bad, but the story level design and soundtrack are amazing.

It's not unplayable like free riders. 06 I can see why it is hated, but it is still fine. - DCfnaf

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24 Knuckles the Echidna In Sonic the Hedgehog 2
25 Sonic Rush Adventure

Although it may not be as good as it's predecessor, it's still a pretty great game, with an epic soundtrack (not as good as Rush's though) and I think both Rush and this deserve more attention.

Take this game off the list! It's overrated!

I love replaying the boss where you fight the Captain and Johnny. I only hate sailing. - mattstat716

This Game Is MUCH Better Than Sonic Rush...
Good Things:
2.Better soundtrack
3.Better Plot
4.Better Bosses
5.More Replay Value

Also, I Want To Make An ANIMATED Series For This!

26 Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II

It really is a good game unlike the previous one

This game was loads better than Episode 1 for these reasons:
1. More creative level designs.
2. Tails now serves as a helpful purpose in the game...
3... Which means exploration is more fleshed out.
4. Music is better composed.
5. (most importantly) the physics are better.

27 Mario & Sonic at the Winter Olympic Games
28 Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric

Considering Sonic BOOM... this game actually wasn't 100% terrible.
I got a small sense of story from it and the hydro dashing was... decent?
Too much forced humor and the graphics weren't too great, though. Why can't SEGA make a Sonic game with Sonic Unleashed or Generations style animation and not force crud like Sonic Lost World or Sonic 06? Anyway, back on topic, the robot-busting got tedious and long and tons of cutscenes every 15 seconds to 15 minutes of gameplay got in the way, but the story was somewhat slightly there and it was okay in general. - Wolfy_29

I like be the story games they're fun to go piece by piece and I hate the ridiculous ridicule for the story games like Shadow the Hedgehog and Sonic 06 and Sonic Boom

To be honest, I got this game out of guilt because everyone was bashing it, but from what I have seen in playthroughs it looked awesome. However, since I didn't own it, I couldn't be one of the only people to defend it. So, one day when mom called and asked if there was a game I wanted I asked for this. I got it, played it, and loved it. Now I need to know if Sonic Forces will take its place as me 2nd favorite sonic game, only behind Unleashed.

Glitches aside, I really feel this game is underrated in my opinion and this may be even a guilty pleasure game. Pretty much took it as a Sonic spin-off game different from the main series, and that's what I got when playing it. Had fun playing it.

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29 Sonic Forces

This game is okay to be honest. Problem is the team took more time making the engine than making the actual game, that's why it ended up being extremely short and easy.
It's not bad, but it's not that great.
Soundtrack kicks ass though. - MasterCreepy

This game is the complete definition of overhated. It gets way to much crap from everybody, when it really isn't that bad. - FarrowtheEdgehog15

It's okay. The game was too short and levels took too short of time to go through, but the character builder and the look of it was nice. - Wolfy_29

I auctually LIKE it

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30 Sonic the Hedgehog (Game Gear)
31 Sonic Colors

This games awesome and enjoyable. Bothe versions have different color powers you can use while progressing in the levels. Sonic Colors ds version, I prefer because this along with my favorite. color power violet void got more stuff like missions to complete and unlock extra. SCREW IGN! Complaining abouT if you fail the mission HAVE TO START OVER the mission that's perfect so you can get another chance to get a high score. Plus awesome theme song thata make Mario music look like garbage that they is. Sonic games are getting better but just lack playable characters.

It makes me blam saga for rushing this game but I still respect them for the bugs and glitches sonic must not be a move it gives me nightmares if sonic has a new design in the film he be on T.V.


32 Sonic Free Riders

Prove it. You might as well put all of this game's predecessors on this list. Super Monkey Ball is just UNDERRATED! This game deserves hate for its unreasonably broken controls, sisterly relationship of Amy Rose and Cream and very little stuff that is new to offer. I give Sonic Free Riders a 2/10.

33 Sonic the Hedgehog 2

I strongly love this game because of the levels, the graphics, the perfection & this was how Sonic characters used to be in this game- perfect. This game deserves the top 2 spot.

Underrated... more like Overrated!

Who did this? - DensestPotato


34 Sonic the Hedgehog: Triple Trouble

This game is awesome! The graphics are very nice, the music is too, and this game is not annoying at all! Go Classic Sonic! Boo Modern Sonic!

35 Sonic Riders
36 Sonic the Hedgehog 3
37 Sonic the Hedgehog Spinball

I can't believe Modern Sonic games are higher than Classic Sonic games on the "Most Underrated Sonic Games" list & Classic Sonic games are higher than Modern Sonic games (with Sonic CD being top 1 instead of a Modern Sonic games) on the "Most Overrated Sonic Games" list!

38 Sonic Jam

The first "3d" sonic game. Real one is Adventure

39 Sonic 3 & Knuckles

I can't believe that my comment called "Wow, I love your comment! This game should be top 1. I love this game and it is way more memorable than Sonic Adventure 2." got minused. HOW COULD HE?!

No disrespect to the Sonic Adventure duology, but I feel like people only prefer Modern Sonic over Classic Sonic because of Amy Rose (because of her girly dress skirt sticking out like a tutu to make her vain, she accuses one for doing what she forced him to do, she sounds like an infantile teenage girl, My Sweet Passion aka Amy's Theme and she fawns over the much more elite and superior Sonic the Hedgehog and his even better friends that are part of Team Sonic). >:(

This game isn't underrated. It's really good and many people do like it. - MasterCreepy

40 Sonic Mega Collection

I got this for 10 bucks, and it had tons of games

41 Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal

Personally the crystal thing got super tedious. It has ups and downs but I'm okay with it. - Wolfy_29

This games is good. The hate about the new level design I ignore it's the saqme flw in Mario bros ds about unskippable cutscenes. The haters show signs that they didn't complete the game because you can skip the cutscene. The dialogue is hilarious, plus the new character Sticks rules. IGN complaining about it painfully not funny same flaw than that terrible Mario bros ds, but Mario bros ds story is bad same as Peach useless.

42 Sonic Labyrinth

How on Earth is this not the most underrated Sonic game in existence. The game is fully functional. It's a alright puzzle platformer only "Sonic" attached to it, he doesn't need to be fast all the time. The music is also fantastic. Nothing is as underrated as this.

43 Sonic Drift 2
44 Sonic Drift
45 Sonic the Hedgehog (1991)

This game deserves to be top 1! I don't know why people prefer Modern Sonic games over Classic Sonic games! This game is the original and people keep saying that the Sonic Adventure series are better than the Classic Sonic games on the SEGA Genesis, SEGA Master System & the SEGA Game Gear.

I would give this game 9 stars out of 10.

Sonic the Hedgehog had much better quills back then!

46 SegaSonic the Hedgehog
47 Sonic Blast
48 Tails' Skypatrol
49 Knuckles the Echidna In Sonic the Hedgehog
50 Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Because I literally got over 15 dislikes on my comment that says "I hate the character voices so much! Super Smash Bros. Brawl has the best story ever. Why can't a Classic Sonic game be top 1?! ". - Kieran Glen Harris Stark aka The Ultimate Daredevil

Technically this isn't a Sonic game, it's a Nintendo game. Plus, it has tons of popularity. Sonic just appears as a brawler. - Wolfy_29

This isn't a sonic game.yes it has sonic in it but still. And smash bros is an insanley popluar series, so why is this even on here?

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