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1 One Coarse Meal

I think this episode is more overhated than underrated. I believe that people overreact WAY too much to the suicide aspect of the plot. However, I don't believe the intention of the episode was to mock depressed/suicidal people. I believe this was meant to be a silly "Krabs gets back at Plankton" episode, that unfortunately made a few missteps in the story department. Overall? It's not a particularly good episode, especially from a comedic and writing standpoint. However, it does get too much hate.

YAY! I'm not a sadist! - Murvine_Taylor

One Coarse Meal deserves every bit of microscopic hatred it gets. Who would even give this a positive review? - ModernSpongeBobSucks

This episode, along with quite a few others is way too overhated and underrated. That's why I voted this. - the2thomasklu8

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2 SpongeBob, You're Fired!

I'm sorry, but this special has WAY too many problems to be considered "underrated" in my opinion. The biggest problem with this episode is it's pacing. The episode is only a half an hour long, but it REALLY should've only been 11 minutes. As such, each individual scene is dragged on FAR longer than it should. Another big problem with the episode is the fact that it steals concepts and plot elements from SEVERAL other episodes. SpongeBob has been fired on numerous occasions, yet this special treats it like it's a fresh idea (it isn't). The latter half of this episode blatantly rips off the plot of Season 4's "Le Big Switch" in that SpongeBob can only make Krabby Patties as opposed to other types of food. Now, if the episode had new joke ideas and interesting ideas to offer with these reused concepts, that would be great. Instead, what we get is a severely watered down version of several earlier episodes. Also, there are several plot holes and missing story elements ...more

I hate this episode

This one's bad - Linc

When I first saw this special, I decided that it was my favorite episode. I even reviewed it on - Murvine_Taylor

3 Little Yellow Book

This episode is alright, but far from great

Yes, I do think this episode is underrated, based on the criticisms of this episode. See, there are 2 sides to the criticism of this episode, the side that hates Squidward, and the side that likes Squidward. I'm going to focus on the side of liking Squidward. See, this side likes Squidward and finds this episode cathartic for seasons 6 and 7. My problem is that both sides hate this episode. THIS side hates the episode just for the hypocritical townspeople and Patrick. There's a weakness to this side of the criticism that hates this episode: Squidward ends up on top and Spongebob loses. You totally have the right of hating the townspeople, but that's just a few minutes long, and just know that Squidward ended up on top of the end. So yeah, people should like this episode more because Squidward wins. Yes, the Bikini Bottomies didn't get punished, but does that matter if Squidward wins? The criticism of this episode could've been like the episode Krabby Land, where Spongebob tortures ...more

4 Funny Pants

Probably not the strongest season 4 episode, but still pretty good. I thought it felt kind of like a season 1 episode (that's good, season 1 is my favorite season).

I love the ending

By the way here I am now I’m the one that said I love the ending, well I meant for pranks a lot I love the ending I hate the ending for things episode

5 House Fancy

It's pretty boring, but not awful other than the toenail scene.

This is one of my favorite episodes of the show. Squilliam's house is so cool!

I love this episode

6 Goo Goo Gas

I actually thought this episode was funny. Although Plankton being in Patrick's underwear was funny BUT GROSS at the same time. Other than that, the episode was still a little funny. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Very underrated. I forgot this episode because I hadn't saw it in a while. - JaysTop10List

Why does nobody talk about this episode?

7 Gullible Pants
8 The Lost Mattress

This episode is great

How many do you think there are pat uh ten

Squidward: "Haven't you heard of a bank? "
Mr Krabs: "NO"
That is probably my favorite exchange in the hole show

9 Boating Buddies

I don't really understand why people hate this episode. Everything is so ridiculous and exaggerated that I can't really take it seriously (unlike A Pal for Gary or Summer Job). There's lots of funny gags ("SpongeBob and Squidward Best Boating Buddies forever! ", and that part where that tough guy beats up Squidward, for example) that I just can't help but enjoy this episode. I still liked its sister episode, The Krabby Kronicle, better, though.


I accidentallyvoted this when I tried to vote "The lost matress"

10 To SquarePants or Not to SquarePants

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11 Face Freeze

The faces scared me and gave me nightmares! - Catacorn

EWW This episode was just disgusting! - Goatworlds

12 Demolition Doofus

Mrs. Puff was an evil sadistic attempted murderer in this episode. - Goatworlds

13 Wet Painters

Honestly I Don't Think This Episode Is Underrated While It May Not Aper On Best Lists As much As Band Geeks, Chocolate With Nuts Or Sailor Mouth It Still Gets Just Ad moat Of Praise To Keep It From Being Underrated

Why is this on the list? This is one of my favorite episodes of all time! - Catacorn

An absolute classic! Should be in the top 20 of all time!

This is not underrated, it's a classic!

14 The Bad Guy Club For Villains

Best Season 7 Episode - ChiefMudkip

15 I Heart Dancing
16 Imitation Krabs
17 Truth or Square
18 The Clash of Triton
19 Toy Store of Doom
20 Mrs. Puff You're Fired
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