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21 I Had an Accident

This isn't underrated, a lot of people love it

This isn't a bad episode! Its really funny! - Catacorn

22 Bumper to Bumper
23 Doing Time
24 That's No Lady
25 The Curse of the Hex

This episode was stupid, no plot and it doesn't make any sense. - JaysTop10List

What moron would enjoy this? - Goatworlds

26 Born Again Krabs

And you'll never be born again after that. - JaysTop10List

27 Slimy Dancing
28 The Paper

Of all the episodes made before the movie, this is the one that I find people talk about the least, which really is a shame since this is a very funny and charming episode. To be fair, the key reason as to why this episode is so underrated is because of the fact that it is paired with the Valentine's Day episode.

29 Help Wanted

This is the first episode! Its an absolute classic! - Catacorn

30 I Was A Teenage Gary
31 Club SpongeBob
32 Krabs vs. Plankton
33 Hall Monitor
34 Rock Bottom

Second greatest episode of season 1, behind Pizza Delivery.

35 Atlantis SquarePantis

This episode is great

36 Battle Of Bikini Bottom V 1 Comment
37 Enchanted Tiki Dreams
38 The Splinter

This episode makes me cringe, and it's surprising that a cartoon episode can be one of the most disgusting things I've ever seen.

This is the grossest SpongeBob SquarePants episode ever! - Catacorn

39 Krusty Towers
40 Shell of a Man
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