Most Underrated Steven Universe Episodes

I love this show. I just love some of the hated... Yeah. Don’t hate me.

The Top Ten

1 Full Disclosure

This is probably my second favorite episode.
Reviews say “A terrible sequel to Jailbreak”. It’s not! This is an amazing episode! The song... Especially! Here is why I love this episode:
5. Amazing Quotes: Such as: “No! Stop! Reject! ”
4. Amethyst. Period.
3. Like I said... The song.
2. Connie and Steven’s Relationship is revealed!
1. Steven seems to really care about Connie. - puglover2008

2 Know Your Fusion
3 Rocknaldo
4 Mindful Education
5 Gem Glow
6 Too Short Too Ride

Wheeze amedot wheeze

Smol Peridot. Boom. Also "It's all that I am! " Literally my life in a nutshell.

7 Steven The Sword Fighter
8 Too Far
9 Steven and the Stevens
10 Fusion Cuisine

The Contenders

11 Hit the Diamond
12 Beach City Drift
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