Most Underrated Sum 41 Songs

For some of those Sum 41 songs that don't get enough love.

The Top Ten

1 There's No Solution

This song is just great... and ignored. - ThatoneMetalhead

2 Mr. Amsterdam

This is one of the least remembered tracks by this band. I wonder why. I mean, it has great vocal variety (even featuring some screaming/growling vocals) making this one of the songs that should have really stood out. - ThatoneMetalhead

3 March of the Dogs

"Look, mom! NO HEAD! " I love this song for so many reasons. The lyrics, lead guitar and drums, and even the vocal performance itself is cranked up past their usual limits making this one of their very best songs! - ThatoneMetalhead

4 Summer

Sum 41 loved this song so much that they put it on not one, but TWO of their albums... yet half of their fans haven't heard of it yet. That, my friends, is a tragedy. - ThatoneMetalhead

5 King of Contradiction

This is one of the most energetic songs I have heard in my entire life... and the ending is pretty heavy. - ThatoneMetalhead

6 Machine Gun

Almost every song from their first album is close to completely unnoticed. - ThatoneMetalhead

7 Heart Attack

This one is quite relatable... waking up is definitely hard. - ThatoneMetalhead

8 88
9 Angels with Dirty Faces

And the award for the best song title ever goes to... - ThatoneMetalhead

10 Makes No Difference

This one got the most attention out of the first album, but that isn't saying much. - ThatoneMetalhead

Needs more attention - NikoX

The Contenders

11 Hooch

Two words: THAT INTRO. - ThatoneMetalhead

12 13 Voices

Deserve to be a single, this is the greatest Sum 41 album since Chuck

13 There Will Be Blood
14 Noots

Why isn't this actually on an album?

15 I'm Not the One

If you don't headbang you have no head

16 Goddamn I'm Dead Again

The riff on this is just wow.

17 The Fall and the Rise
18 Skumf**
19 What Am I to Say

This track gives me so many goosebumps every time

20 Confusion and Frustration in Modern Times
21 Dave's Possessed Hair/It's What We're All About
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