Most Underrated Superhero Movies


The Top Ten

1 Watchmen

Zack Snyder's best work

An awesome movie that deserves more.

2 Kick-Ass 2
3 Spider-Man 3

Was good

It was good in my opinion. - TheFourthWorld

How is Watchmen underrated? It was generally well received by fans and critics.

4 Man of Steel

This is one of my favorite superhero movies! Good acting, Great fighting scenes, good story, and a fantastic music score by Hans Zimmer! It should have scored an 85% not a 55.

A Superhero film that is far better than people give it credit for. an Emotional, Action Packed, Entertaining Sci Fi movie with Brilliant Acting and a Brilliant Musical Score from Hans Zimmer and Amazing direction from Zack Snyder.
"Man of Steel" is the true Definition of Superhero Movies

5 Unbreakable

Extremely underrated. Not often considered a "superhero" movie, but it is deemed by many who praise it. One of Director Quentin Tarantino's favorite movies. - AlphonsoRichardson

6 Batman Returns
7 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

The Ultimate Edition is underrated. This movie wasn’t all that bad except for the CGI

8 The Incredible Hulk

Gets a lot more hate than it deserves! I think this movie is very well made, and should totally get a sequel someday...

9 The Wolverine

It's really one of the best films I have seen. Jackman is perfect in it.

10 Justice League

The Contenders

11 Thor: The Dark World
12 The Rocketeer
13 Darkman

Good movie!

More or less this good, they did some changes to the smeared

14 X-men: The Last Stand
15 Batman (1966)

Has that kind of 1960s Batman charm you can’t replace with anything else!

16 X-Men: Apocalypse
17 The Amazing Spider-Man

Argue with me all you want but think this movie is great

So Underrated

Great movie

18 Thor

Everyone is overlooking and bashing this movie (along with The Dark World) in favor of Ragnarok for being "too Shakespearean" but that's what appealed to me about the movie so much.

19 Batman Forever
20 Elektra
21 Hellboy

I like it, but people do not appreciate such beauty both together

22 Hulk (2003)
23 Suicide Squad
24 Blade II
25 Daredevil
26 X-Men Origins: Wolverine
27 Supergirl
28 Mystery Men
29 Hellboy II: The Golden Army
30 Super
31 The Punisher (2004)
32 Captain America: The First Avenger
33 Iron Man 2
34 Ghost Rider
35 Danger: Diabolik
36 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014)
37 Sky High
38 Planet Hulk
39 Batman: Mask of the Phantasm
40 The Phantom (1996)
41 Power Rangers
42 Superman Returns
43 The Dark Knight Rises
44 Green Lantern
45 The Green Hornet
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