Most Underrated Superhero Movies


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1 Watchmen

An awesome movie that deserves more.

2 Kick-Ass 2
3 Unbreakable

Extremely underrated. Not often considered a "superhero" movie, but it is deemed by many who praise it. One of Director Quentin Tarantino's favorite movies. - AlphonsoRichardson

4 Spider-Man 3

How is Watchmen underrated? It was generally well received by fans and critics.

5 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
6 Man of Steel

This is one of my favorite superhero movies! Good acting, Great fighting scenes, good story, and a fantastic music score by Hans Zimmer! It should have scored an 85% not a 55.

A Superhero film that is far better than people give it credit for. an Emotional, Action Packed, Entertaining Sci Fi movie with Brilliant Acting and a Brilliant Musical Score from Hans Zimmer and Amazing direction from Zack Snyder.
"Man of Steel" is the true Definition of Superhero Movies

7 Batman Returns
8 The Wolverine

It's really one of the best films I have seen. Jackman is perfect in it.

9 The Incredible Hulk
10 Darkman

More or less this good, they did some changes to the smeared

The Contenders

11 The Rocketeer
12 Thor: The Dark World
13 Hellboy

I like it, but people do not appreciate such beauty both together

14 X-men: The Last Stand
15 The Amazing Spider-Man

Argue with me all you want but think this movie is great

So Underrated

Great movie

16 Elektra
17 Batman Forever
18 X-Men: Apocalypse
19 Justice League
20 Blade II
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