Top 10 Most Underrated Theatrical Movies of All Time


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21 The Emoji Movie

Please revert my eyes back to it's factory setting

A troll wouldn't have put this on here.
Its underrated because its an odd movie I suppose because a movie about Emojis? Well at least the meme movie hasn't been made (yet? )

Ha, very funny trolls - VideoGamefan5

22 Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron

Great Movie - masoncarr2244

23 Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

To be honest The Last Crusade was actually the best - ClimaxDome

I like it - PeeledBanana

Why all the hate?! It's a great movie, and NOT the worst of the franschie, The Last Crusade is! But anyway, this brought back Indiana Jones after 19 years! There's almost no bad things about this movie: this is the third best Indiana Jones movie, the setting is great! Having russians as villians was great! The main antanogist is great at sword fighting, and I did NOT expect it to have aliens! Here's my ranking on the Indiana Jones movies:

1: Raider's of the Lost Ark (10/10, masterpiece)
2: The Temple of Doom (9/10, awesomne)
3: The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (9/10, amazing)
4: The Last Crusade (6/10, good) - darthvadern

24 Batman Begins
25 Super 8

An underrated masterpiece

26 Atlantis: The Lost Empire
27 Star Trek Into Darkness
28 Hey Arnold!: The Movie
29 The Prestige

Yes. This and Casino need to go higher. They're both great and overlooked - ClimaxDome

30 Black Hawk Down

Another great war film.

No. This was terrible. - ClimaxDome

31 Under the Skin
32 Chef

Hey look, it's a meme fresh from the Filthy Crew. - DapperPickle

33 Collateral
34 Ghost World
35 Casino

Sharon Stone's best performance.

36 Rough Night

Not that bad. Just disappointing.

37 Jackie Brown

Jackson is amazing!

38 Brazil

One of the best movies ever made - ClimaxDome

39 Synecdoche, New York

Another one of the best movies ever made - ClimaxDome

40 The Holy Mountain

Another one of the best movies ever made - ClimaxDome

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