Most Underrated Thomas and Friends Characters


The Top Ten

1 Stepney V 1 Comment
2 Edward V 3 Comments
3 Caroline V 1 Comment
4 Toby

He rarely talks and feels like he's a background or minor character. Porr toby. - derpyunikitty

5 Duck
6 Donald

He and Douglas are my favorite engines and they should be part of the Steam Team.

7 Douglas
8 Emily

Emily is overrated, not underrated.

9 Percy

He was severely dumbed down by hit and is neglected. - derpyunikitty

10 Oliver

The Newcomers

? Molly Molly

She is a really nice engine! She only shines in her debut episode but she makes lots of cameos that she's almost a part of the steam team! Also, anyone can relate to her - we all get saddened easily at times! Poor Molly, she's too underrated!

The Contenders

11 Bill
12 Ben
13 Murdoch Murdoch
14 Arthur
15 Harvey
16 Mavis Mavis
17 Harold
18 Kelly
19 Max
20 Monty
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