Top 10 Underrated Three Days Grace Songs


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1 World So Cold World So Cold

Yes. It's so beautiful & epic. The melody is fantastic as well. Really Amazing Message. Just an all around amazing song. Really Underrated): But in a way it's a good thing because it's kind of like the song only for 3dg fans (: so it's all good.

2 Gone Forever

This song has easily one of the best choruses in any song I've ever heard. The whole song is amazing. I wish people liked it better.

Amazing! Seriously, I just love this song. It definitely should get more appreciation for it's amazingness.

3 Take Me Under Take Me Under
4 Let It Die Let It Die

One of the best

5 Over and Over Over and Over

Amazing song and even though it's a love song it has three days grace written all over it.

This is definitely a very awesome song
All listen to it
You'll really get hooked to it

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6 Bully Bully

Talks about a very serious issue of bullying, should be at least in the top 5

7 Someone Who Cares Someone Who Cares

Amazing song, as it inspires a wide range of feelings outta you

8 Scared Scared

Man, this music is just way too good, can't really understand why it is underrated.

9 Bitter Taste Bitter Taste
10 One-X One-X

So good. Gets forgotten because of all of the amazing songs in one-x album.

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11 Just Like You Just Like You
12 Misery Loves My Company Misery Loves My Company
13 Last to Know Last to Know
14 Life Starts Now Life Starts Now

This song is amazing! like a higher pitch strongerly rythmic version of never too late

15 Sign of the Times Sign of the Times
16 High Road High Road
17 Lost In You Lost In You

Seriously I cannot understand the reason why this song is so underrated.. It's so emotional and just listening to it gives me the chills

18 Unbreakable Heart Unbreakable Heart

I can't get the reason why this song is so underrated.. The lyrics are so encouraging and they originate from events that happen in reality

19 The Good Life The Good Life
20 Without You Without You
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