Top Ten Underrated Thriller Movies


The Top Ten

1 The Hand that Rocks the Cradle
2 Single White Female
3 Unlawful Entry
4 Twisted

Terrible. Guessed the killer from just the trailer. - truckturner

5 Gothika
6 Twisted Nerve
7 When a Stranger Calls
8 The Boy
9 Duel
10 Misery

This movie is well known, critically acclaimed and has an Oscar winning performance... is it really underrated? - Martin_Canine

This is widely praised critically and earned Kathy Bates an Oscar. Nothing underrated about it. - truckturner

Very good movie

The Contenders

11 Sorry, Wrong Number

A wonderful claustrophobic thriller with the magnificent Barbara Stanwyck. - Martin_Canine

12 Tenebre
13 Frailty

Starring Bill Paxton & Matthew McConaughey. This deserves more than 7.3. Should've gotten 7.8 Its quite underrated. - zxm

One of the best movies of the early 00s. Great twist, excellent Bill Paxton performance. Shame he didn't direct more than a couple of films. - truckturner

14 Gone Baby Gone

Got 7.7 on IMDb but I don't hear much about this movie. - zxm

15 Bound
16 Don't Bother to Knock
17 The Spiral Staircase
18 This Gun for Hire
19 The Wrong Man
20 I Confess
21 The Last House on the Left (1972)
22 Memories of Murder

More likely crime/mystery/drama than thriller. But it has thrilling moments. It may be famous as a Korean movie but internationally not very famous. - zxm

23 Sliver
24 Scissors
25 10 to Midnight
26 Primal Fear
27 Dead Calm
28 The Forgotten

Best thriller movie I have ever seen. it shocks you and is a bigger jaw dropper then the 6th sense ever will.

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1. Sorry, Wrong Number
2. Bound
3. Tenebre
1. The Hand that Rocks the Cradle
2. Single White Female
3. Unlawful Entry
1. Gone Baby Gone
2. Frailty
3. Memories of Murder


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