Most Underrated Total Drama Characters


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1 Geoff

I like Geoff a lot though. But I hate his couple with Bridgette even though I like her too.

I really like Geoff in Tdi

They screwed him after season 1

Fidgets is annoying. Why couldn't Ezekiel's crush on Bridgette work. The we wouldn't have this lovey dubby make out time and an interesting love triangle, instead, made zeke embarresing, and focused on overrated

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2 Eva

She deserves to be near the top - Spongehouse

Another underrated character. She's in a tie for #1 with Ezekiel and staci. If she comes back on. She should hit he finals, I like ever

I feel bad for ever, I feel like she needs a boyfriend. That would take some of her anger away.

Finally! A supremely underrated character makes it on here! - Turkeyasylum

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3 Tyler

He was awesome! To bad he is so underrated - Spongehouse

I LOVE Tyler!

He was in TDI an TDWT he failed to merge in both seasons and needs the opportunity to merge.

Tyler deserves way more screen time and attention than he is given. He really is an awesome character, I love jocks!

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4 Beth

She is easily one of the most underrated characters on the show

Hands down the most underrated - Spongehouse

Was originally gonna choose Geoff, but honestly, Beth gets so much hate when she was actually a much better finalist than Duncan. Not a good finalist, mind you, (LINDSAY SHOULD HAVE WON) but at least she played a clean game and made me laugh. Duncan was a cheater and a bully all season long.

Let's see... Put up with Heather? Check. Put up with Courtney at her absolute worst? Check. Get herself cursed? Check. Miss out on competing in World Tour? Double check. Do Samey's type of storyline before and better? Check, and yes, I did just say that. Get arrested through no fault of her own? Check. Work hard throughout an entire season and still lose to an elimination houdini? Big check. Be the only previous finalist to not be present for "The Final Wreck-ening"?...That might be a blessing in disguise, but still a check nonetheless. Be genuinely nice to Chris of all people? I couldn't make a bigger check if I tried.

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5 Max

He's funny, though. Probably says evil over 100 times every 5 episodes.

One overrated contestant aka my despise for total drama. I hope he dies! Or gets eliminated first. The writers favor him in season five point five

This guy is just a joke and a huge shame to evil. - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

The writers, his fan base and hate base overrates him so much

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6 Trent

I liked him but he got anoying leave duncan and gwen alone

I hope he is Back for the new season

He was good until TDA, where the writers derailed him. - Turkeyasylum

7 Justin

Almost everyone in the fandom prefers Al over Justin (which is completely fine) but I personally think Justin was much more funnier and entertaining - Spongehouse

Justin wasn't my favorite in the beginning, but in Action, I started warming up to the guy! Sure, he's always super conscious about his looks, but tell me you didn't laugh at him at least once or twice! The guy is pure comedy gold with his "NOT THE FACE! " comments. Most fans only hate Justin because he brags about himself, but at least he isn't completely irritating like Lightning. Courtney brags about herself more than any character, yet she's WORSHIPPED by the fans! Needless to say, Justin is pretty underrated

I never found him too big of a character. I'm indifferent towards him.

Neutral to him

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8 Amy

The comments of this section prove how underrated she is.
99% of the fandom hates her because "she is abusive" yet they praise Duncney that is in the same situation and unlike them, Amy had an interesting character developement with her sister Sammy. - DaisyandRosalina

Overrated by the writers! Overrated! She doesn't deserve credit, she sucks!

She's the worst character, and her fans totally overrate her. - Turkeyasylum

9 B

He is defiantly a very underrated guy that deserved more screen time - Spongehouse

People despise him just because he never talks. That's legit the reason why his character was unique! If every character always spoke and everyone had a personality and none of them were bland, the story would just not go right. Take season 6 for instance, (I call it that because it's a separate season with different contestants) every contestant was obsessed with something, and there were no bland contestant to balance it out.

B is probably the most underrated character in the show. Is it because he doesn't talk or something? I've always loved B because he's smart, friendly, and just a cool guy. I also hate how people constantly ship Dawn with Scott because she complimented him once and they look "cute". I've always liked B x Dawn because at least they're friends. Come on, guys! B needs more love!

B is an amazing character with a lot of potential, he just gets overlooked too much

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10 Sam

Severely underrated. He is a master gamer - Spongehouse

He is a cool and nice man, even if I don't think he deserves to be on All Stars. - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

I hope he can win a season soon, he deserves better

What a minute,the can find other voice acters for Sam and Harold and also,if the make a total
drama gaming time (a season I made up) it’s possible that Sam can win that season,

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11 Staci

She is incredibly underrated as well as overhated - Spongehouse

She is so underrated but she talk a lot and shi is pretty annoying but still very very underrated

She is one of the most underrated contestant ever. And another overhated contestant. She's funny

12 Zoey

She is more overrated than underrated in my opinion - Spongehouse

To be honest I don't like her.

Gosh, she can be annoying and boring. She is just bland and she's dependent on Mike. I don't understand why someone can call her "underrated". - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

Um.. I like Zoey and all, but she's pretty overrated..

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13 Bridgette Bridgette

She is defiantly one of the most overlooked characters in this show in my opinion - Spongehouse

14 Ezekiel

Probably because he is always eliminated first... Poor guy - Spongehouse


Possibly the most underrated contestant ever. My favorite is mistreated left and right. The writers like to bully him. I hope he turns back to normal and kills Chris and wins a season. He doesn't deserve mistreatment writers

Instead of giving him more attention, they turned him into a zombie. That sucks. I feel bad for him.

15 Sadie

Critically underrated - Spongehouse

She is overrated then katie but she is steal pretty underrated

16 Beardo

Beards may be kind of cool, but he is just a ripoff of B.

He seemed really interesting to me, too bad he had no character at all.. I really hope we'll get to know him better in a new season - Alivi

He's the funniest contestant ever but I don't know if he'll come back maybe in some total drama no stars - simpsondude

I love beardo. He's extremely underrated and is really cool. He deserves to make it far in a season. (Pac man reference when eliminated)

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17 Lindsay

She is mistreated by writers a lot

18 Mike

In no way is he underrated - Spongehouse

I really like Mike and all... but way too overrated. - Rathernotbenamed

A lot of fans really, really, REALLY hate Mike, and I've never gotten why. Sure, he's not the best character, but I never really hated him.

Mike receives way too much hate for no reason, but I would like to see Mike develop his own personality now that he's himself.

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19 Dakota

She's so underrated, she's not even in the top 15! I'm here to change that! - Synchronocity

In my opinion, Dakota is probably the most underrated character, everyone I've seen watch td hates her, but I love her. Ugh robbed queen deserves a second chance - TylerAcomni

Here I can totally see why she is here. She is a punching bag to the writers, and also she had her derailment in episode 8 of revenge of the island

20 Mal

Mal needs more love. He didn't deserve all that hate.

21 Harold

Harold rocks! - Spongehouse

Harold is amazing! - Rathernotbenamed

Most underrated and overhated. He should have won TDA, but stupid fat face Owen had to ruin his all star chances

22 Brick

He's really cool and nice, and I think he deserves more attention - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

Brick is a sweetheart, he needs more attention then he gets. He deserves it.

23 Carrie
24 Tammy
25 Leonard

Hilarious. Should be in the top ten.

Oh come on at least put Beardo under him. He was more entertaining to watch, actually tried and actually had a character.

Bring him up! Put him in beardo so place'! '

26 Dawn

Dawn is very underrated a lot

27 Tom

Tom is such a great character and deserves to come back for another season along with Jen. Those two had so much potential and should go all the way!

28 Jen

Pretty lovable character

29 Anne Maria Anne Maria

Anne Maria is a great character. She's funny and sure she can get annoying with her giant poof but I still found her hilarious. She even (not including Dakota's return) got 7th place! Pretty unfair elimination not to add. She was robbed.

Anne Maria can be a douche to Zoey. Poor Zoey. Anne Maria tries to steal Zoey's boyfriend.

30 Noah

Noah was robbed in Total Drama World Tour, he should have at least made top 5

31 Courtney

Um, this is "Underrated". Not "Overrated". But I love Courtney. Just responding to this comment.

Courtney can be underrated and is probably more underrated than Gwen due to her mean attitude. She is just so mean and horrible. She didn't deserve to come back to Total Drama Action!

32 DJ


How in the world is DJ not even on this list? DJ is seriously the most underrated character on the show (he's my third favorite after Gwen and Owen). DJ is "kind, courteous, works well with others... and [he] was raised right! " Seriously, DJ is such a nice guy. He's a true team player and is only really aggressive towards others when they're in a challenge (like how he and Katie smiled evilly at Cody in Dodge-brawl) or when they deserve it (like Owen in Paintball Deer Hunter and Harold in If You Can't Take the Heat...). DJ doesn't even help Duncan and Geoff prank Harold two episodes later (because Harold didn't deserve it), and Geoff is his best friend! DJ helps Geoff out with dating Bridgette and in the end, when he was eliminated in Hook, Line, and Screamer, everyone hugged him because THAT'S how much they loved him as a contestant and as a person. Even HEATHER of all people hugged him. DJ is also hilarious in certain parts of the show, like when he gets completely shook by Heather ...more

33 Duncan Duncan

He's my fave charecter I hate what they did to him in all stars oh and trent and courtney LEAVE DUNCAN AND GWEN ALONE

34 Mary

Most underrated tdrr contestant ever

35 Josee

Oh my gosh, she is the MOST OVERRATED CHARACTER EVER IN TOTAL DRAMA HISTORY! Get her off 22 and replace her with 1 on a most overrated list

Why is she here?! She is the most overrated Ridonculous race character ever who gets to much favoritism. She should be eliminated first if she ever appears

36 Cameron

Agree but kinda disagree

37 Leshawna Leshawna

Agree, and a little overhated. I love leshawna

38 MacArthur

She's not underrated but not necessarily overrated either.

39 Miles
40 Owen

Owen is way underrated, and it's sad because he's suppose to be one of the main characters.

So annoying and overrated

41 Spud

He definitely is the most underrated.

42 Gwen

Most. Overrated. Contestant. EVER!


Most. Overrated. Contestant. EVER!

43 Ryan

He's a pain magnet in rr

44 Jay
45 Dave

Daves hell good

46 Izzy

Izzy is very underrated.

47 Scott

He isn't so underrated but he deserves to be around to 12.

48 Sky

Sky is, overlooked, I hate when people complain about characters (mainly Mike,Zoey,Sky,Dave,and Beth) and say that they're bland, and then go to actually bland characters like Jasmine and go "Oml bae come on I love you all praise Jasmine! " It really get on my nerves! We're gonna have characters that are nice and strong for the sake of it, and I'm tired of the bitching when they say "Dur Zoey bland overrated Mary Sue Due all hail Jasmine dur" yet literally I have only met TWO OTHER PEOPLE OUT OF THE WHOLE COMMUNITY that have Zoey or Sky go into the top 30, it's disgusting.

49 Katie

Katie and Sadie are both underrated. But in my opinion Katie is even more underrated because she had more potential, she did better in the challenges and she also was funnier and more independent than Sadie. + plus she's the character with longest absence of competing :(

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