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21 Tom

Tom is such a great character and deserves to come back for another season along with Jen. Those two had so much potential and should go all the way!

22 Jen

Pretty lovable character

23 Mary V 1 Comment
24 Dakota

Here I can totally see why she is here. She is a punching bag to the writers, and also she had her derailment in episode 8 of revenge of the island

25 Josee

Oh my gosh, she is the MOST OVERRATED CHARACTER EVER IN TOTAL DRAMA HISTORY! Get her off 22 and replace her with 1 on a most overrated list

Why is she here?! She is the most overrated Ridonculous race character ever who gets to much favoritism. She should be eliminated first if she ever appears

26 Cameron V 1 Comment
27 Leshawna

Agree, and a little overhated. I love leshawna

28 MacArthur

She's not underrated but not necessarily overrated either.

29 Miles
30 Owen

Owen is way underrated, and it's sad because he's suppose to be one of the main characters.

V 1 Comment
31 Spud

He definitely is the most underrated.

32 Leonard V 1 Comment
33 Gwen

Most. Overrated. Contestant. EVER!

34 Staci

She is so underrated but she talk a lot and shi is pretty annoying but still very very underrated

She is one of the most underrated contestant ever. And another overhated contestant. She's funny

35 Dawn V 1 Comment
36 Ryan V 1 Comment
37 Jay
38 Dave

Daves hell good

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