Top 10 Underrated Trance And Psytrance Songs That Will Have You Crying

Yes, this list will include some songs you can only find on YouTube. Have a look around, and enjoy.

The Top Ten

1 Eternity (Extended Mix) - Andres Sanchez Eternity (Extended Mix) - Andres Sanchez

Uplifting Trance is apparently a genre. And Eternity is the prime example. It is pretty uplifting, to be fair, so go have a listen. - syntaxEDM

2 The 23 Is Here (Fatality Bootleg) - Rooler The 23 Is Here (Fatality Bootleg) - Rooler

Rooler, a hardcore artist, redid his single The 23 Is Here for Fatality Festival. I'm putting it here because it has Psytrance elements in it, so consider it Hardpsy, and not Psycore. Two different genres. - syntaxEDM

3 Extraterrestrial Beans (Alien Chaos Remix) - Orion's Belt

This song is considered Darkpsy, which, after hearing this song, means it's just the tri-tonal bass psytrance is famous for, and nothing much else beyond that. - syntaxEDM

4 Carousell - Mandragora & Groovaholik

This song would've been higher if the melody combined with psytrance tri-tonal notes didn't give me nightmares every time I heard it. - syntaxEDM

5 Prometheus - Rameses B

This is such an amazing concept. It is the only known crossover between Psytrance and Techstep breaks. If you'll listen, you can hear the drum & bass tempo and techstep beat patterns. Beautiful. - syntaxEDM

6 Any More (Luca Antolini Remix) - Spiritual Project

This one's a combination of Hardcore kicks with Trance chords. A combination literally meant for each other, if you're willing to sit through 7 minutes of it. - syntaxEDM

7 Tanpopo - Eminence

The first trance song I ever listened to, and it was Tech Trance. Well, can't have everything. - syntaxEDM

8 Anahera (Extended Mix) - Ferry Corsten & Gouryella

Gouryella was a collab between Ferry Corsten, a Trance legend, and Tiƫsto, who later left the project. Anahera shows talent, yet the melody is kind of repetitive. One should sort of expect that with Trance music, but the melody's been sugar coated so much it's hard to tell which is the original layer. What happened to trance? - syntaxEDM

9 A Lot Like You - Zac Waters

Zac Waters' latest release combines Melbourne Trance (which I have no clue what it is) and Progressive Trance (which means it better be that damn good). And it sure is good. - syntaxEDM

10 Lift You Up - Stonebank

I thought Stonebank only made Hard Dance? I mean he made Electro & Trap a couple of times but Uplifting Trance? I added this because the promo art was a cute lion plush and I had listened to it so many times because I thought the lion plush was going to be mad that I didn't listen to it. After a while, it actually wasn't bad. - syntaxEDM

The Contenders

11 Push Through - Fady & Mina

Best uplifting trance track, in my opinion!

Pretty good track. - syntaxEDM

12 This Night - Filo & Peri
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1. Eternity (Extended Mix) - Andres Sanchez
2. The 23 Is Here (Fatality Bootleg) - Rooler
3. Extraterrestrial Beans (Alien Chaos Remix) - Orion's Belt


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