Most Underrated Twenty One Pilots Songs

This is a list of the most underrated TØP songs. I made this list because some songs don't get the respect they deserve.

The Top Ten Most Underrated Twenty One Pilots Songs

1 Truce

One of my all time favorite songs. It is the shortest songs, but never ceases to amazes me with the lyrics. Always deep, but this one doesn't have the happy beat to be over that. So people seem to hate this song for the slower beat that is not like the other songs. So it is not a huge fan favorite, for this reason. It always seems to make me cry and I can't describe how beautiful this song is. Also Clear is another super underrated song

Truce: the definition of good. Makes me cry every time. Hits you in the feels. Truce.

This song saved my life, and that is somthing I can't give up - EJ_The_Bandito


2 Taxi Cab

I remember at my concert in late 2018 the boys played this song, we all cried, so soft and beautiful. I'll admit that it is well known now but still deserves more love

This was the only song that's made me cry. The lyrics are truly moving, I definitely agree this is very underrated.

I absolutely love this song It always makes me cry. I do believe Lovely and Truce are some of my other favorites but most songs on the self titled and regional at best are super underrated. While the blurryface album has songs that are overrated.

I was just listening to Taxi cab and then randomly googled "Why is Taxi cab by twenty one pilots so underrated? " and this showed up. Its such a great song and it will always be my favorite by tøp!

3 Lovely

Yes! Lovely is such an amazing song. I prefer the Vessel version more because I think tyler's voice sounds less robotic in it

Lovely rab version is better than the vessel

Vessel for sure

When he says I will make you feel lovely I'm just like...

Well tyjo you succeeded

4 Fall Away

The rap and beat of this song is simply amazing. I never get sick of hearing it, but I'm sick of people saying that they haven't heard it. If you haven't heard this song before, listen to it right now, I guarantee you'll love it.

Y'all sleeping on hometown though - PeterG28

5 The Run and Go
6 Cancer

This song is good, but My Chemical Romance version is better - mmarce445

This song is dear to my heart and has a good message - mudkipfan9934


This shouldn’t be on the list, it’s My Chemical Romance’s song

7 Goner

I love this song but in my opinion it isn’t necessarily underrated.

8 Hometown

So many people just forget about this great song!

9 Fake You Out

I love this song! I cannot believe it is under rated!

This is the best song ever! - luckycayden

10 Before You Start Your Day

It has great piano and lyrics. 'look in the mirror and ask your soul if you're alright' it makes me cry all the time

Tyler Joseph's vocals in this are just... beautiful. I almost cried the first time I listened to this song.

The Newcomers

? Ode to Sleep

The Contenders

11 Isle of Flightless Birds

Isle of Flightless Birds is my favourite song ever! It is super underrated, and has deep, thoughtful and beautiful lyrics.

This song is awesome and I love it #21pilots

Yees this is best how is it 10th it should be in the top 5

SO MUCH VOCAL RANGE AND EMOTION! If this isn’t on the #1 spot in 10 seconds than, ya’ll we did something wrong 0.0

12 Forest

Tons of people like to avoid this song but I love it

Forest is one of my favorites

I’m gonna day this is their most underrated song since it was not re-recorded for Vessel despite being one of their most popular songs at the time, which left it unnapreciated by newer fans - JoshHarmer25

Only got 4 mil streams on spotify somehow

13 Message Man

This and forest - Rathernotbenamed

One of my favorites from Blurryface.

It’s my joint favourite with ‘Holding on to you’, but it’s always so low down on lists like these. I really think it deserves more respect and appreciation because so many people overlook it.

14 Trapdoor

Great song seriously I wish it had more recognition - DamonAlbarnBlur

One of the best

15 Kitchen Sink

A well meaning song that makes my feel great when I'm down and Zacks verse, wow - mudkipfan9934

This Song can only be described by the word „Beauty“

16 Screen

Last position in the ranking of their songs? Something is REALLY wrong.

People aren't LISTENING to this song! How can it be so low? HOW?

17 Fairly Local

Easily their most underrated song. - DCfnaf

This is their best song and one of the best songs of 2015. Gotta love Twenty One Pilots. - DCfnaf

18 Not Today

This song is so good! It sounds very up beat and has an amazing riff as well as great base

That's my 2nd favorite song by them! 1 is Lane Boy, 2 is this, 3 is Fairly Local, 4 is Car Radio, 5 is Heavy Dirty Soul!

19 The Judge

This song is so underrated its on the list twice - Midevilnight

This song is just amaizing

20 Semi-Automatic

It's so underrated its not even on this list

21 Air Catcher

It seems like hardly anyone even knows this song. This song is my favorite Twenty One Pilots song. The notes used and the way Tyler sings in the verses as well as just the sound of the whole song is almost a little eerie, but amazing. This song needs more recognition.

22 Slowtown

This song is so good and I can relate so much. I don't think many people have heard it. I thought the music was good and when I looked up the lyrics WOW! It might be now my favorite song by them.

23 Ruby

Really though, such a beautiful song,but overlooked

24 Friend, Please

This song combines incredible instrumentation and melodies that fit beautifully with it with a message to stay alive coming from someone who has proved himself one to listen to.

25 Glowing Eyes

Why. Is. It. So. Underrated? It's sooo good! People need to talk about it more.

Oh come on!
This song is lovely!

My favorite top song of all time

Easily the most undereated song

26 Johnny Boy
27 Anathema


28 Stressed Out

Overrated actually. - Gruunge

Nice joke, this is anything but underrated - SheldonCooper247

Way overrated

No. - Midevilnight

29 Guns for Hands

SO UNDERRATED! The drums in this song are incredible - Carlss

30 The Pantaloon
31 Coconut Sharks in the Water

10/10 their best song

YES - PleseDont

32 Two

This song is so unknown to most people! Although some may find it creepy, some may find it beautiful, like me.

33 Time to Say Goodbye

Such an impactful masterpiece

34 A Car, a Torch, a Death

Almost anything on self titled is very underrated.

35 Polarize

It’s really underrated to be honest

36 Be Concerned

Easily underrated

37 Car Radio

This was the first rap song I ever enjoyed and one of the first TØP songs I heard and every time it says 'I will try with every rhyme to convince you that you have to think' it just hits me like a tonne of bricks because it is so true to so many people and yet no one I know actually knows that it even exists and that just makes me so depressed.

38 Trees

This song, to me, personally, means a lot. No one really seems to talk about it, at least I've heard. I think it deserves more attention because it is a song full of so much emotion. It makes me cry, actually. I play it on repeat.

39 Jumpsuit
40 Heathens
41 Tear in My Heart

Seems underrated

42 Neon Gravestones

SO UNDErrated

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