Most Underrated Twenty One Pilots Songs

This is a list of the most underrated TØP songs. I made this list because some songs don't get the respect they deserve.

The Top Ten

1 Cancer

This song is good, but My Chemical Romance version is better - mmarce445

This song is dear to my heart and has a good message - mudkipfan9934

2 Lovely

The vessel version in my opinion is much better than the rab. one of my all time favorite tøp songs

3 Taxi Cab
4 Fall Away
5 The Run and Go
6 Truce
7 Goner
8 Fake You Out
9 Forest
10 Kitchen Sink

A well meaning song that makes my feel great when I'm down and Zacks verse, wow - mudkipfan9934

The Contenders

11 Screen

Last position in the ranking of their songs? Something is REALLY wrong.

No denying that this is their most underrated song - xxpizzasrlifexx

12 The Pantaloon
13 Stressed Out

Overrated actually. - Gruunge

14 Not Today

This song is so good! It sounds very up beat and has an amazing riff as well as great base

15 Message Man
16 Air Catcher
17 Before You Start Your Day
18 Isle of Flightless Birds

Isle of Flightless Birds is my favourite song ever! It is super underrated, and has deep, thoughtful and beautiful lyrics.

19 Trapdoor

Great song seriously I wish it had more recognition - DamonAlbarnBlur

20 Fairly Local

Easily their most underrated song. - DCfnaf

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