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81 Dumbfoundead
82 Ceschi
83 Robb Bank$
84 WIldcard

Best white underground rapper in my opinion

85 Starlito

A genius with his wordplay

86 Apathy
87 Copywrite

Extremely talented and creative, with a smooth quick flow, and absolutely insane punchlines and wordplay that'll have you hitting rewind all day.

88 Celph Titled

You can't mention Apathy and not mention Celph Titled

89 Esoteric

A great artist who released many albums with 7l, Inspectah Deck, Stu Bangas, Army of the Pharaohs, & Demigodz

90 Czarface
91 Styles of Beyond
92 E.Cov
93 Spark Master Tape

The god father of God's father the ominous
Mobilize a movement of power to stay anonymous
This mask a masquerade of all the hate that I am promised
And I hate that out the gate the hate the way that I was brought up off the product

94 Futuristic Futuristic


Supersonic flows great punchlines does notretend to be something he isn't.look out Eminem

Definitely worthy of top 5 underrated.finally some good hiphop came to save the day.i watched a video and one guy was ready to drop out the music game but then noticed futuristic and changed his mind.then

Futurick kicks ass on every track.he lives up to my expectations on every track so far.even when its not your 'type' of song you still get drawaled in listening to futuristic roar

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95 Slum Village
96 Masta Ace
97 Kash Doll
98 YC the Cynic
99 Action Bronson
100 Isaiah Rashad
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