Most Underrated Video Games from the 8th Generation of Gaming

As the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X come around the corner this holiday 2020, it’s time we take a look at the most underrated gems the 8th generation of gaming brought us. If you would like to add a video game on here from the 8th generation of gaming on the list, go right ahead.

The Top Ten

1 Mad Max Mad Max Product Image

Movie tie in video games are always a hit and miss. But this is actually a decent movie tie in video game. The Mad Max movies are awesome, and this game is too. I love exploring around the dystopian open world. The story was pretty good, and the characters were pretty good too. This game is pretty underrated. Funny how Mad Max: Fury Road released in the same year as this game, but that movie is more talked about.

2 Sunset Overdrive Sunset Overdrive Product Image

This game is a hidden gem. Pure genius and pure fun.

For my number one spot, I decided to choose this little gem. Sunset Overdrive. Developed by Insomniac Games. You might know them for the first three Spyro games and the 2018 Spiderman Game. Sunset Overdrive is amazing. I love the colorful graphics and gameplay. It gives me Jet Set Radio vibes. But a lot of people don’t really talk about this game nowadays. If you haven’t tried out this game yet, I highly recommend you give it a try. It’s pretty fantastic.

3 Vampyr Vampyr Product Image
4 The Surge The Surge Product Image
5 Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Product Image
6 Tearaway Unfolded Tearaway Unfolded Product Image

Everyone knows the Little Big Planet games. But did you know the same studio that made those games made this little gem? Originally released on the PSVita, Terraway Unfolded is an upgraded version of the original PSVita version. This time with an extended story and upgraded visuals. I highly recommend giving this game a try because the art style is absolutely gorgeous and the platforming is very fun. Definitely a underrated little gem a lot of people don’t talk about that much.

7 Blazing Chrome Blazing Chrome Product Image
8 The Wonderful 101 The Wonderful 101 Product Image

Despite the Wii U lacking a game library of 3rd party titles, it did have some solid exclusives. One of the more underrated exclusives on the Wii U is The Wonderful 101. Despite it having weird controls, and disappointing boss battles, I still had a good time with this game. The story was pretty good and the characters were pretty funny. This game was pretty fun. Platinum Games definitely knows how to make a game. Shame this game didn’t meet sales. But it is getting a remastered version on the Switch and PS4 this year.

9 Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare Product Image

Who knew Plants Vs Zombies works out as a tactical shooter. I had fun with these games. They were really fun and surprisingly good. I was honestly surprised with these games. They are really fun.

My all time favorite multiplayer game. It's sad that this game isn't really in the same conversations as say Overwatch. To me, PVZ: Garden Warfare did everything better. Not only that, but everything in the game is FREE. Imagine that, no microtransactions, no need to pay for skins or cosmetics and the updates we're also free (and frequent). I still play it to this day.

10 The Evil Within 2 The Evil Within 2 Product Image

2017 seemed to be a big year for Bethesda. Wolfenstein 2 and the Switch ports of Skyrim and Doom were talked about quite a lot. However, one Bethesda game the released in 2017 I don’t see a lot of people taking about is The Evil Within 2. Despite it being a sequel to a well known game, a lot of people don’t really talk about this game that much. This game is really fantastic. It’s just as chilling and terrifying as the first Evil Within. If you loved the first Evil Within, you’ll love the second one.

The Contenders

11 Astral Chain Astral Chain Product Image
12 Wolfenstein: The New Order Wolfenstein: The New Order Product Image

I guess it was overshadowed by other games that came out the same year. It sad, because it is an amazing game.

A lot of people don’t talk about this Wolfenstein game. I wonder why. The story was pretty great for a Wolfenstein game, and the gameplay was still badass as any Wolfenstein game. Although I enjoyed the sequel more, this game was still pretty good.

13 Horizon Chase Turbo Horizon Chase Turbo Product Image

For my racing game pick on this list, I decided to chose this fun little arcade racer. It’s a nice throwback to 90’s arcade racers. The graphics are beautiful and the soundtrack rocks. If you love 90’s arcade racers, you’ll love this one.

14 Until Dawn Until Dawn Product Image

I love horror games. The suspense, the chilling music, the jumpscares. Horror games always keep me on the edge of my seat. And when I played Until Dawn, this game didn’t disappoint me at all. Not only is this game spine-tingling. It’s also very good. The story is suspenseful, and the gameplay is chilling. And the ending of the game... oh man. For all of you horror fans out there, give this game a shot. You’ll love it.

15 Enter the Gungeon Enter the Gungeon Product Image
16 Call of Duty: WWII Call of Duty: WWII Product Image

Call Of Duty has gone downhill over passed few years. And although I haven’t played the new Modern Warfare yet, I enjoyed my experience with Call Of Duty: WWll. I don’t know why this game is so underrated. Maybe it’s because it was sandwiched between the disappointing Infinite Warfare and Black Opps 4. This was the most fun I’ve had with a Call Of Duty game since Black Opps 2. Call Of Duty brings it’s roots back from the earlier Call Of Duty games. And since I enjoyed those games, I had fun playing this one. The single player was the best part of the game. It was really fun. This is a pretty underrated Call Of Duty game. I don’t know why it’s not talked about that much.

17 Unravel Unravel Product Image
18 Valiant Hearts: The Great War Valiant Hearts: The Great War Product Image
19 Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana Product Image
20 South Park: The Fractured but Whole South Park: The Fractured but Whole Product Image

Compared to it's predecessor The Stick of Truth, The Fractured but Whole is very underrated. It was also overshadowed by bigger games.

21 A Way Out A Way Out Product Image
22 Tokyo Mirage Session #FE Encore Tokyo Mirage Session #FE Encore Product Image
23 Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom Product Image
24 Dishonored 2 Dishonored 2 Product Image
25 Super Daryl Deluxe
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