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181 Dragon Ball: Origins Dragon Ball: Origins
182 Resident Evil 4 Resident Evil 4

Why this game is actually OVERRATED! - Interrogator

183 Alan Wake Alan Wake
184 Mini Ninjas Mini Ninjas
185 Super Mario Galaxy 2 Super Mario Galaxy 2

Whoever put Super Mario Galaxy 2 on the list is a pissant.

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186 Serious Sam II Serious Sam II
187 SWAT 4 SWAT 4
188 State of Decay State of Decay
189 Dead or Alive 4 Dead or Alive 4
190 Syphon Filter 2 Syphon Filter 2

seriously, syphon filter games are really under-rated - Razor79

Syphon filter is pretty overlooked.

191 Grabbed By the Ghoulies Grabbed By the Ghoulies
192 System Shock 2 System Shock 2

Revolutionary graphics for it's time, and I don't know anyone who's played it except me. Awesome storyline, Foreboding Atmosphere, lots of action, 100% badass. Everything a sci-fi fan could hope for. PLAY IT.

193 Tzar Tzar

Great, Involving RTS. Totally rare and underrated. - Celidor

194 Shadow The Hedgehog Shadow The Hedgehog

"IT HAS GUNS AND SWEARING! " Shadow antihero. It's not a bad game. Shadow was badass in this. - DCfnaf

Somehow I feel the people that hate this game are either A) hating solely for the edginess, or B) making the game boring without even realizing it!

Shadow the hedgehog is overrated

This game sucks!

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195 Radiation's Halloween Hack

As much as I love Undertale, I REALLY want to see an Undertale VERSION of this game, starring Alphys as Dr. Andonuts. In fact, I even wrote a fanfiction for this idea. - xandermartin98

196 Undertale

Overrated by its fanbase, but deserves vastly more respect from the general public. Pretty much the same hype situation that happened with Rocko's Modern Life before it. - xandermartin98

Is this an underrated or an overrated list?

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197 Toy Commander Toy Commander
198 Virtua Fighter 5 Virtua Fighter 5
199 Sonic Heroes Sonic Heroes V 1 Comment
200 Donkey Konga 2 Donkey Konga 2
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