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201 ESPN NFL 2K5
202 College Hoops 2K8
203 Pikmin 2
204 Super Mario Galaxy 2

Whoever put Super Mario Galaxy 2 on the list is a pissant.

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205 Yoshi's New Island
206 Serious Sam II
207 SWAT 4
208 State of Decay
209 Dead or Alive 4
210 Syphon Filter 2

seriously, syphon filter games are really under-rated - Razor79

Syphon filter is pretty overlooked.

211 Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops
212 Shadow The Hedgehog

"IT HAS GUNS AND SWEARING! " Shadow antihero. It's not a bad game. Shadow was badass in this. - DCfnaf

Somehow I feel the people that hate this game are either A) hating solely for the edginess, or B) making the game boring without even realizing it!

Shadow the hedgehog is overrated

They probably just threw in the guns and that one curse word to get a T. But stil,l you get to shoot stuff IN A SONIC GAME! - Himalayansalt

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213 Mario Kart Wii

How come we are demanded to prefer this over the Super Mario games released in the 20th Century, the Paper Mario games released in the 2000s, old-school Mario Sports games and etc?!


214 Tonic Trouble
215 PaRappa the Rapper

When even Parappa 2 was easily miles better than this was, you KNOW it was incredibly overhyped

(don't even get me started on how much Um Jammer Lammy, also from the same series, completely DESTROYS this game either) - xandermartin98

216 Grabbed By the Ghoulies
217 System Shock 2

Revolutionary graphics for it's time, and I don't know anyone who's played it except me. Awesome storyline, Foreboding Atmosphere, lots of action, 100% badass. Everything a sci-fi fan could hope for. PLAY IT.

218 Tzar

Great, Involving RTS. Totally rare and underrated. - Celidor

219 Chrono Cross

This is one of my favorite games of all time. Very underrated since everyone wanted a Chrono Trigger clone, but instead they got a story equal in depth, but the change in battle mechanics threw people off. If this was a stand alone game, it would equal Final Fantasy and all other epic RPG's in popularity. - Xean45

220 Need for Speed: Undercover
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