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261 Dragon Warrior
262 Army of Two: The 40th Day

Should be commended and not mocked. - nic1997ps3

263 Ninja Baseball Bat Man

Ninja baseball batman is so cool it is so awesome it is even better than mw2 or ocarina of time!

264 Sega GT 2002
265 Metal Arms: Glitch in the System
266 The Saboteur

One of the best open world games last generation, it was just so much fun with a unique visual style, the only downside was the bloody climbing controls were really sluggish but other than that it is one of the most fun games out there, grab it for cheap and see.

267 Dead or Alive: Dimensions
268 Time Splitters
269 Scribblenauts V 2 Comments
270 Metroid Fusion
271 Donkey Kong Country 3

The SNES version is underrated. The GBA version is overrated. It's mainly because of how the GBA version is unfairly different from the presentation of the SNES version and the fact that the GBA version's existence is very pointless.

272 Yoshi's Story

A VERY underrated game. Very artistic and abstract. Emotional theme; the search for happiness. - Gamefreak23788

V 1 Comment
273 Earthworm Jim
274 Killer 7

It's severely underrated due to polarizing gameplay and style. If you do not mind the repetitive and unrefined gameplay, you will find the experience so unique like no other games done it before.

275 Custom Robo
276 Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg
277 MySims Agents V 1 Comment
278 Wario Land 4 V 1 Comment
279 Alien Trilogy
280 Aliens: Colonial Marines V 1 Comment
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