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321 Star Wars Obi-Wan
322 Conker's Bad Fur Day
323 Minecraft

Underrated because of how hated it is and try the game before you call it overrated because it's amazing and I'm tired of all the hate it gets.

How in Hell did this get on here? Minecraft is one of the most overrated games ever! And I don't care if it's last! It shouldn't even be here.

Who in the name of GOD added MINECRAFT on this list? It's the most overrated game of all time! - DCfnaf

I actually agree for Minecraft. I know it seems controversial, but here me out on this one:

I'm well aware of the incredible hype Minecraft has had and I'm also aware of the fact that it even held the record for being the most sold video game for a time. I also know that there are still youtubers out there, who get tons of views just by uploading Minecraft videos (Logdotzip, antvenom, etc..) and you'll always find users with a Minecraft profile in every online community.

BUT: The hate the game is receiving recently is getting ridiculous. Every game has its haters, but I've never seen that amount of hate for any other video game before. Every time I tell somebody that I still play it, I'm downright afraid for getting insults instantly and I immediately have to list a bunch of other games I also play in order to defend my gamer status, since Minecraft isn't even considered a "real video game" anymore by a lot of gamers.

I can totally see why Minecraft receives that ...more - Verbindungsfehle

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324 Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic
325 Spongebob Squarepants: Creature From the Krusty Krab

This deserves to be WAY farther up - growlbunny

326 Super Smash Bros. Brawl

It's not underrated but I still love it.

Why do people hate this game so much?

327 Pokemon Diamond
328 Dark Souls
329 Gungrave
330 Shadow of the Colossus
331 Crysis 2
332 Dead or Alive: Dimensions
333 Freedom Fighters
334 Dead to Rights
335 Metropolismania
336 Mario Sports Mix
337 Time Splitters
338 Killer Instinct
339 DT Racer
340 Bomberman
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