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61 Xtreme Legends: Dynasty Warriors 4
62 Tekken: 3D Prime Edition
63 The Legend of the Mystical Ninja
64 Super Monkey Ball Adventure

The early Super Monkey Ball games seriously deserve to be very high on this list, not this!

People complain about the load times because they're impatient bastards. I really like the story mode.

65 Spore

They hate it because they suck at making creatures.

I made so many creatures on my old computer, as well as adventures. Too bad that computer doesn't work and the hard drive glitched and lost EVERYTHING

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66 Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter

It may look like a kid's game at first glance, but it has a very deep and emotional story. There are only two lyrical songs, but they will wrench your heart out. The fact that you can draw your character is amazing as well. This should totally be #1.

67 Tales from the Borderlands
68 Final Fantasy VIII

I couldn't stand playing the game on PC, the keyboard set up was intolerable. I have always thought it would be good to to give it another go with a control pad, but never seem to ge over my initial disappointment.

69 Resident Evil 5

many RE fans loved RE 4 but hated RE 5. Why? RE 5 is true masterpiece with superb graphics, awesome story, characters and just gaming. Don't be so harsh to this game! - Magnolia

70 Chrono Cross

This is one of my favorite games of all time. Very underrated since everyone wanted a Chrono Trigger clone, but instead they got a story equal in depth, but the change in battle mechanics threw people off. If this was a stand alone game, it would equal Final Fantasy and all other epic RPG's in popularity. - Xean45

71 Digimon Rumble Arena
72 Pokemon Battle Revolution
73 Kid Icarus
74 UmJammer Lammy

In many ways, it was easily at least twice the game that its male counterpart (Parappa The Rapper) ever was; quite literally, in fact, when you consider the fact that it has twice as much story-mode content - xandermartin98

75 The Simpsons Game

Man, I love this game!

76 Rosenkreuzstilette
77 No More Heroes
78 The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC
79 Resonance of Fate
80 Brutal Legend
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