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141 Bulletstorm
142 Final Fantasy IX
143 Bully: Scholarship Edition
144 Kill.Switch
145 Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem

My whole family loved that game :) a horror game with great gameplay and riddles you want to solve to very badly. But I know of no one else who has played it. What a shame

146 Sonic Lost World V 2 Comments
147 Trine 2
148 Transformers: War for Cybertron: Decepticons
149 Xenosaga Episode III
150 Yu-Gi-Oh: Dungeon Dice Monsters (Gba)
151 The Bouncer
152 Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII
153 Dig Dug
154 Pokemon Black 2
155 Naruto: Rise of a Ninja
156 Rage
157 Mario Kart: Double Dash!! V 1 Comment
158 Cars 2: The Video Game

Tis may be decent for the standards of a modern Disney game, but Cars 2 is only better than The Good Dinosaur and Cars when it comes to Pixar flicks.

159 Stubbs the Zombie In Rebel Without a Pulse
160 Pac-Man World

Not only that, but one of the most underrated games period.

Why can't people love this story? Pac-Man's family gets kidnapped by Toc-Man. How cool is that? (Sorry, I do not want to sound like a jerk. ) Pac-Man rescues his friends and family! How creative! This game is very creative for real. And the characters! How can you hate them?! They're all perfect!

GRAPHICS: 25/10.
This video game has the best graphics of all time. It's no bore at all. Best graphics in a video game! Oh my god... it is such a revolution and the cousin of Super Mario 64 (for the N64), the best video game of all time. There's nothing I don't like about these marvellous level backgrounds that remind us of what's outside of Mall of America.

MUSIC: 25/10.
I especially love the World 3 music. No flaw at all in the classic music. Come to think of it, this game is the best video game of all time besides Super Mario 64.

CONTROLS: 10+/10.
Ah, the unbroken PS1. It ...more

Pac-Man World (trilogy) is underrated because people are modernists that bash Classic Pac-Man in favor of Modern Pac-Man/Pac-Man & the Ghostly Adventures is overrated because it's targeted towards little kids, overly cliche and has fugly character design

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