Top 10 Underrated Vocaloid Songs

There are a LOT of better songs than World Is Mine and Servant of Evil! These songs are the ones nobody's ever heard about but you, and the ones you think deserve more RECOGNITION!

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1 Leia - Megurine Luka

This is such a sad song, but addicting song. The story is powerful and haunting, and Luka's vocals are beautiful! Look it up on YouTube, I promise you won't regret it!

I agree completely with this! This song is so beautiful and expressive, and it deserves to be noticed more

This song is BEAUTIFUL. Why is it underrated? Come on, get rid of the popular himedere song 'World is Mine' and listen to something else. This song is better than songs like 'PoPiPo' or 'Tell Your World' to be honest.


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2 Reboot - Miku Hatsune, Megurine Luka, Samune Zimi

This is way too underrated! Everyone should watch this! Haters gonna hate, I know that, but this is not only sad, but catchy, and heartwarming at the end, and that many things at once is awesome by itself! This song is about three friends. One of them (Zimi) gives the other two (Miku and Luka) star pendants, and it symbolizes their friendship. One day, they get ice cream, and Luka playfully taps Miku. Miku drops her ice cream and they fight until Luka's star breaks off her bag. Zimi, being the good friend she is, goes to retrieve it...and she dies after a truck hits her. Miku and Luka are devastated and split apart for years. They eventually meet again and become friends while Zimi's soul is watching. She moves on and...well, everything is happy again, sort of. The PV ends with three stars in the sky. This is so underrated! Give ReBoot some love!

The Anime PV made me cry when I saw it for the first time... It was just so heartbreaking. This song is about three friends, Miku, Luka, and Zimi, who are best friends. But then a horrible accident happens and Zimi is killed. Miku blames herself and Luka, and the two cease to become friends. Years later, they meet again and come to terms with her death. It's so sad and the ending brought tears to my eyes. It's also such a calming song and the piano is beautiful.

Whether you like the vocaloids or not please go watch this. The story woven by the song is so heartbreaking, but the ending leaves you with a sense of peace and happiness. This song needs more attention

This song is just beautiful and everyone should hear it. It has a really good message and if you don’t like it, that’s okay. I feel like it’s very underrated and deserves more love~

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3 Melancholic - Rin Kagamine

A meaningful song, but also catchy and upbeat! It definitely is one of Rin's best.

I love this song, but it's hard to memorize the lyrics

This is not underrated at all.

This isn't uderrated though

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4 Dancer In the Dark - Megurine Luka

This was one of the first Luka songs I have heard. It's kind of sad but dang the art is so awesome and it's very catchy! Definitely something to check out!

Luka's voice sounds awesome in this song, really cool instrumental and tune. Great for dancing to.

I finally realized the true beauty of this song.


5 Clean Freak - Gumi

This, coupled with some Danisnotonfire, makes me realize that I am not alone in my existential crisis.

It's really nice! I bet some people can relate to this (this changed me a bit, I'll admit it) It opened my eyes, I guess

Same as the Danisnotonfire watcher, when I heard this song I was like " THIS PRODUCER UNDERSTANDS ME"

Please put all other GUMI songs on the list! >:D - The Ultimate Daredevil, scheming to torture Dora the Explorer (GoAnimate version)'s ears with Vocaloid and ElectricDragon505

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6 A Realistic Logical Ideologist - IA

WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS WORLD! This is my favorite song of all time, IA has a beautiful voice that deserves to be recognized! This song is way better and way more meaningful than A Tale of Six Trillion Years and a Night! If you don't know this song GO LISTEN TO IT RIGHT NOW! It's catchy but has a powerful message and is so awesome!

Everyone thinks that songs by Miku, Rin, and Len are underrated?! Seriously?! IA gets almost no recognition in the vocaloid fandom. This song by IA is by far one of the most unnoticed ones but also one of the best. What's so good about Miku anyway? All of Miku's songs get thousands of hits and IA only has a few songs with a thousand hits. Mimi is only the top because she was the 'original'.

This also is underrated!

This song has a cool and interesting beat to it and the video is awesome with the infographic signs

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7 Childish War - Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len

Okay, this is definitely the most relatable Vocaloid song I have ever heard. I mean, who doesn't have an opponent/annoying person in their life? I mean, right after I heard it, I went over and threw a pillow at my brother's for good measure, because just why not Their voices are so energetic, and that amazing sarcasm... man. People toss this aside because of how it's not quite so deep and meaningful or dark like Servant of Evil or Rolling Girl, but it's a song that I can always, no matter the situation find a way to relate to.

This song was one of my first and I love how upbeat and wonderful it is. Rin and Len can sing so fast and still sound great! And the talking parts sounded fine as well!

This is such a great upbeat song! The lyrics are funny and it sounds amazing.

This isn't underrated... is it?

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8 Crystalline - Gumi

This song is one of my favourite English vocaloid songs and one of my favourite vocaloid songs overall.

One of the BEST SONGS IN History!

It's very good!

I'm still kinda sad that Crusher took it down but its still on yotube

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9 Six Trillion Years and an Overnight Story - IA

This song gets nothing from fans but it is definitely the saddest song I have heard from a vocaloid and also the best. IA tops all other vocaloids.

To be honest, this isn't very overrated. On the top ten best vocaloid songs, this is 4th.

It is a brilliant song, though.

Can't believe this is underrated! Best song from AI I've heard!

10 Insanity - SF - A2 Miki and Kaito

It's actually pretty popular, but not as popular as World is mine. It's also edgy as hell. But it's good. Just too edgy to make it into my playlist.

Who listens to this at school? I do! - ShopkinsLover

Why does nobody like this one

This song isn't just an unwritten book on the shelf,it's detail for the story is amazing. iNSaNiTY brought me to know more about vocaloid,not just the Big 8 vocaloids(Gakupo,GUMI,Luka,Miku,Kaito,Meiko,Len,and Rin).This is the first Non-Cover song I've heard from Miki.In fact,this is the first time I've even heard Miki.
Story in my view:Miki slowly descends into insanity,being ignored by people,having no help.Then Kaito comes along and tries to help her,but he speculatingly dies.Miki was slowly realizing what 'sanity' was after his theorized death,but then she questioned it and became insane again.

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11 City of Water - Kagamine Rin & Len

City of Water is pretty hard to find but it's such a peaceful song. Perfect when you're relaxing!

12 Balsam - Kaai Yuki

It is a really simple yet relatable song that I bet most can relate to one point of their life.

It's a lovely song, and very relatable at that!

I can only wonder why it isn't that well known yet...

I love this song

13 Donor Song - Gumi

Really touching song

14 Jekyll and Hyde Ia and Miku

Such an underrated song. It's a very creepy yet beautiful song. The art is amazing, the music is on point, and the vocals are realistic as heck, definitely one of the most creepy yet amazing vocaloid song I have ever heard.

My favorite vocaloid is Luka, (and I love Leia) but this is a seriously underrated song. It’s probably one of my favorite vocaloid songs because it’s so good and has a deep meaning to boot!

15 Bad Apple - Meiko, Miku, Luka, Lily, Gumi

Would vote if it was a vocaloid song and if it wasn't one of the most popular touhou songs ever next to un owen was her

This is a nice song, originally by the genius composer, ZUN. He composes beautiful pieces for the game series, Touhou from which this song came. I enjoy the sound of all these Vocaloids voices coming together in perfect harmony. The lyrics although for this song have a bit of despair, but I still really enjoy it.

Number one, this isn't even a Vocaloid song. It's a Touhou song. And number two, for God's sake, EVERYONE LOVES THIS SONG. It is extremely popular!

I love Bad Apple, but I don't like Meiko. Throw stones at me.
P.S. Hear the Keisen Mitsu (UTAU) cover -nosebleed-

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16 Stardust Utopia - Megurine Luka

This song was beautiful, I'm not exactly sure how to explain it, but here's my best. This song has a nice repeating, steady rhythem that will surely stick with you for the day. It's about a girl, who paints the night sky with stars over and over every single night. The stardust she explains as an angels tears. It's quite beautiful, but if you read more into it you may be able to find a hidden meaning behind it.

17 Akahitoha - Megurine Luka

I never skip it!

Love this song

18 The Riddler Who Couldn't Solve Riddles

So catchy, and if you see the sequel, it's deep too! One of the few underrated songs by Len--but deserves a top spot more than the others!

Catchy, amazing, check it out please

Omigod I love this song!

I really love this song.It's catchy,Len's voice is beautiful,and its background story...It's like reading a investigation novel,but as a song.

19 Hitorinbo Envy

This song is amazing and has an extremely catchy chorus. Besides being one of the catchiest songs I've heard, it has deep and meaningful lyrics as well.

This is one of my favourite vocaloid songs! Why the heck is this song so underrated though?

20 Idola Circus - Kagamine Rin

I really like this song

21 Tengaku - Kagamine Rin
22 Hocus Pocus - Hatsune Miku and Gumi

It's a good meaningful song. The melody is nice and it just touches your heart.

It is about a lady who abducts a girl and raises her as her own. They had fun times together and yet this happiness needs to end since the lady was arrested for abducting the girl.

The girl was abused by her parents and the same thing had happened to the lady before so when she saw the girl, she abducted her in order to make her happy. - samputen

This song made me cry when I first heard it. It's a good meaningful song and Miku and GUMI's voice mixes well together.

23 Hyperventilation Dance - Hatsune Miku

Catchy, but dark. Reeeaaaly dark. Essentially a girl who dies after hyperventilating and dancing. But catchy. Go listen to it.

It's very underrated. It's also extremely dark... and in a couple of ways relatable for some people.

I actually never had heard of this song until yesterday, and I'm honestly confused as to why. It's ridiculously catchy, and tells a legitimate story. It's a dark one sure, but I adore songs that do that. Also, I couldn't go without mentioning the "Hiffu Hihiffu Lalalalalalalala" parts because really, when do you joy immediately start singing along to them.

But yeah, super underrated.

24 The Immoral Memory, the Lost Memory

Beautiful song but contains yaoi... - Kuroemon2002

If you like a yaoi story, THIS IS THE THING FOR YA' :D

25 15 Years Pursuing a Cute Boy

Pretty good!

Why doesn't anybody know aboat this song this is my best vocaloid song ever and I have seen hundreds try seeying the vedio please it is really good

Yes I defintly agree,I too showed to all of my friends and they like vy2 yuma the best,if you try seeying the vedio and listening to the music you will end up tearing and loving the music

26 1925 - Hatsune Miku

Awesome song!

27 Skeleton Orchestra and Lilia - Hatsune Miku

I absolutely LOVE this song! So full of metaphors, and it deserves more recognition!

28 The Phantom Thief Chatnoir

The song is about a the phantom thief and he got a little girl to like him. Also the song is very catchy.

29 Joker - Hatsune Miku

I thought this was a gakupo song

30 Paranoid Doll - Kamui Gakupo
31 Connecting - Miku, Luka, Len, Rin, Meiko and Kaito
32 The Wooden Girl ~Thousand Year Wiegenlied~

This song is so sad, but I still love it with all my heart! This and Re_Birthday are my favorites. - FullmetalHeart

This song is so sad...

33 Colorbars - Fukase
34 Hybrid - Lily
35 Witch Hunt

I love this song! It's sad but it's also really epic (to me, at least) It definitely deserves more recognition.

36 Heart Rate ♯0822 - Hatsune Miku
37 Lie - Hatsune Miku
38 Starport - Yuzuki Yukari
39 Beginning of Eternity - Megurine Luka
40 Sacred Spear Explosion Boy

I love this song too, it's a really good song.

It may be about sex but the beat is amazing

41 For a Dead Girl+ - Hatsune Miku

This is one of my favorite Yuyoyuppe songs and I think it deserves to be more popular! It's really great!

42 Seaholly - Hatsune Miku

Both Kyaami and the original composers' versions are great! You should give them a listen!

43 Akashic Record - Ia

Love this song.

44 Intercalation - Gumi
45 Imitation - Hatsune Miku

A beautiful song, with deep and sad lyrics.
But it's so underrated, there are hardly any covers...
Still one of my favorite songs though...

46 Spinal Fluid Explosion Girl - Gumi and Hatsune Miku

This is a really great song, with a good fast pace. Who knew GUMI could sing that fast?

47 Ah, It's a Wonderful Cat Life! - Kagamine Len and Gumi

This song is adorable. A love song! With cats! Guys,come on!

This is a catchy song :3 nya

48 Poetaster and Singing Dolls - Hatsune Miku and Kagamine Len
49 Demon Girlfriend - Kagamine Rin

A catchy song about an adorable tsundere girlfriend that everyone should listen to!

50 Honey - Sakine Meiko
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