Top 10 Underrated Vocaloid Songs

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21 The Immoral Memory, the Lost Memory V 2 Comments
22 15 Years Pursuing a Cute Boy 15 Years Pursuing a Cute Boy

Why doesn't anybody know aboat this song this is my best vocaloid song ever and I have seen hundreds try seeying the vedio please it is really good

Yes I defintly agree,I too showed to all of my friends and they like vy2 yuma the best,if you try seeying the vedio and listening to the music you will end up tearing and loving the music

23 Paranoid Doll - Kamui Gakupo
24 Skeleton Orchestra and Lilia - Hatsune Miku
25 The Wooden Girl ~Thousand Year Wiegenlied~

This song is so sad, but I still love it with all my heart! This and Re_Birthday are my favorites. - FullmetalHeart

V 1 Comment
26 Jekyll and Hyde Ia and Miku

Such an underrated song. It's a very creepy yet beautiful song. The art is amazing, the music is on point, and the vocals are realistic as heck, definitely one of the most creepy yet amazing vocaloid song I have ever heard.

27 Witch Hunt

I love this song! It's sad but it's also really epic (to me, at least) It definitely deserves more recognition.

28 Beginning of Eternity - Megurine Luka Beginning of Eternity - Megurine Luka
29 Sacred Spear Explosion Boy

I love this song too, it's a really good song.

It may be about sex but the beat is amazing

30 For a Dead Girl+ - Hatsune Miku

This is one of my favorite Yuyoyuppe songs and I think it deserves to be more popular! It's really great!

31 Seaholly - Hatsune Miku

Both Kyaami and the original composers' versions are great! You should give them a listen!

32 Akashic Record - Ia

Love this song.

33 Intercalation - Gumi
34 Imitation - Hatsune Miku Imitation - Hatsune Miku

A beautiful song, with deep and sad lyrics.
But it's so underrated, there are hardly any covers...
Still one of my favorite songs though...

35 The Phantom Thief Chatnoir

The song is about a the phantom thief and he got a little girl to like him. Also the song is very catchy.

36 Spinal Fluid Explosion Girl - Gumi and Hatsune Miku

This is a really great song, with a good fast pace. Who knew GUMI could sing that fast?

37 Joker - Hatsune Miku Joker - Hatsune Miku

I thought this was a gakupo song

38 Ah, It's a Wonderful Cat Life! - Kagamine Len and Gumi V 2 Comments
39 1925 - Hatsune Miku
40 Tengaku - Kagamine Rin
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