Most Underrated Warrior Cats Couples


The Top Ten

1 Redtail x Mousefur

I like RedXMouse but.. I'm a HARDCORE MouseXLong Shipper.

It is a fact that she never got a mate because she loved him. Sorry LongxMouse. Those 2 were platonic.
EDIT: headcannon by someone. Oof I was wrong - Darktail_of_FireClan

2 Blossomfall x Thornclaw

They are literally mates and everyone is like, "ewww he's 2 auld 4 hurrr" AGE. doesn't. MATTER. IN. WARRIORS. - Darktail_of_FireClan

3 Darkstripe x Brindleface

Redtail is Brindle's mate - Swiftdawn

I don't know it's probably true that he is the father of Ashfur and Ferncloud.
It couldn't have been Whitestorm because:

Do you think loyal, kind, loving Whitestorm would go:

Hey brindleface I know you're having our kits, but I love willowpelt and we're through idc about our dumb kits bye.

Darkstripe was available, so why not? - Darktail_of_FireClan

4 Lionheart x Frostfur

Like the Darkstripe x Brindleface situation. Most likely mates. - Darktail_of_FireClan

5 Dustpelt x Ferncloud

Are they underrated? I see mostly complaining about these two being related. - Darktail_of_FireClan

6 Tallstar x Reena

I used to like this sho and I still do but I don't know what I should ship anymore. talljake is beautiful and I still feel bad for reena and Tallstar is lonely and stuff so I guess none of my ships will ever be canon. - Darktail_of_FireClan

7 Jake x Nutmeg

Canon - Darktail_of_FireClan

8 Jake x Quince

Also canon. - Darktail_of_FireClan

9 Sol x Speckle

She loved him, and he did not love her back. She wanted him to be the father of her kits but he wasn't. He was probably sterile anyways.

I do not support this ship. It's like Bluethrush to me.

I also don't like Bluethrush that much. It's okay. - Darktail_of_FireClan

10 Littlecloud x Cinderpelt

I don't know... Who put this? Did I put this? - Darktail_of_FireClan

One of my favorites..

The Contenders

11 Tigerstar x Sasha

WHY DO YALL HATE THEM?! I ship it more than Goldentiger. Just because she's a kittypet and he's a clan leader. Why not?

Oh I know. Because Tigerstar sucks. - Darktail_of_FireClan

12 Millie x Greystripe

Underrated because most people like Silverstream (who, by the way, wouldn't exist in-book without her stupid romance subplot). I, personally, thought the development in the manga was cute, and I like it more than Silver x Gray.

Adorable couple parents of briarlight

13 Willow x Patch

It's was just like high on catmint and there bro and sis... - Snipe of Bloodclan

14 Sandstorm x Firestar

The best firestar ship and we all know it

15 Needletail X Rain
16 Rowe N x Twany
17 Leafpool x Crowfeather

I chose them because people don’t like this ship because they think it was too soon after Feathertail’s death but honestly they are my fave couple! Great because Crowfeather was willing to run away from the clans to be with her!

18 Mousefur x Longtail

One of the best

19 Firestar x Longtail

They aren't canon, duh, but they have some really nice moments (other than into the wild, we all know what I'm talking about)

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