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This is a list of the most underrated warrior cats.

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1 Dovewing Dovewing Dovewing is a character in the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. She is part of the Power of Three, and has a sister, Ivypool.

Everyone hates her for being 'whiny', but how would they have reacted? Imagine! You're 7 years old (approximately how old apprentices appears to act when first apprenticed) and you just found out you are one of the three most powerful people in the world and you are destined to save the world. Yeah, I would be pretty freaked! She deals with it afterwards though and she really grows into her role! It seems like if you're not 100% perfect and a total gary/mary sue, everyone loves you, while actually developped characters like Dovewing are hated!

How is she a Mary-Sue? She's one of the most flawed characters in the series! Everyone hates her because she had "the perfect life." Having a lot of responsibility and attention all the time is not a perfect life. - Stormyblaze

Very underrated and brilliant character- Darth Scourge

Put yourself in her paws: Imagine you are an apprentice who has just figured out she is going to save all four Clans. Yeah, sure, she complained, and yeah, sure, she "belittled" Ivypaw, but you know what would have have happened if she hadn't complained? No one would understand her. WHICH YOU ALL DON'T BUT WHATEVER. And she never belittled Ivypaw, Ivypaw was just a selfish, whiney jerk who can't see how much her sister cares about her. Everyone says " she's a mary sue" but do you even realize how many mistakes she makes? No, because if she makes a mistake, you blame her, saying "DOVEFREAK NOT AGAIN. YOU ALWAYS MESS UP" even though you constantly say she cannot make a mistake. She isn't good at hunting or fighting as her sister is, and she can't focus on anything. Ivypaw, however, dismisses this and only sees what her own MENTOR and his BROTHER think. Well, see something from a different view: see something like Dovewing used to.

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2 Needletail

She is a great character. - Stormyblaze

I lie her but, she is not underrated.

The only time we EVER like her was when she sacrificed herself. She's a dirty TRAITOR, who convinced Violetpaw to seriously wound her OWN SISTER. - ZZZOLO


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3 Hawkheart Hawkheart

Hawkheart is my cinnamon roll he problem killed moonflower because he was upset and angry that his camp was attacked and that his herbs wear almost destroyed.

Hated for killing Moonflower. Yes, I know, he was cruel when he boasted it to Bluepaw, but know that Bluepaw was /really whiny/ when her mother died and she decided to let it show in front of Hawkheart. Also, what was Hawkheart supposed to do when Moonflower was destroying his prized posession of herbs? Watch her basically kill many WindClan cats' lives? No! He acted quickly, and he had a right to attack Moonflower. And yes, I am /aware/ that he went after her more than once. But read Tallstar's Revenge, and you'll know that he is a reliable medicine cat.

I really like Hawkheart, even though he killed Moonflower, he was trying to protect his clan.

I. Can. Not. Blame. Him. If you are aggressive, you MIGHT understand him. Okay. The only reason he gets a lot of hate is because he killed Moonflower. He was once a warrior so maybe his fighting skills kicked in! Plus, why would he let anyone get away with destroying herbs when leaf-bare was that close? Benefiting ThunderClan and taking from WindClan just from Goosefeather's 'flattened fur' prophecy? That's just stupid. ~Mistyrain

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4 Millie Millie

I don't see why people hate Millie. She's one of my favourite cats. Many people think she's a prat for showering so much attention on Briarlight, but I don't blame her. You people have no empathy, her daughter's SPINE was BROKEN. She has the right to snap at others. You think she's heartless because she's worried? Yeah, whatever. Another reason people dislike her is because her "undeveloped" relationship with Graystripe. 97% of the people who think Millie x Graystripe is the worst couple ever haven't even read Graystripe's manga series...Summary: The people who hate Millie haven't even looked into the exact reason as to why they hate her. They don't seem to be able to put themselves in someone else's paws.

Millie doesn't deserve the hate she gets. Imagine if you were Millie? Graystripe was even worse of a parent than Millie was, yet they hate Millie more than Graystripe.

Poor Millie... everyone forgot the good stuff about her. And they come up with every excuse to say why she's bad. (i. E because she's a kittypet (warriors of SkyClan, maybe Boulder, Purdy, Firestar, Russetfur)/didn't take a warrior name (Purdy, Daisy, Boulder, some (former) SkyClan warriors that appeared in SD). It's pitiful if you ask me. ) And the parenting. Not my favourite, but she's a GOOD character. And as for Blossomfall, she is not being neglected. Millie has good reason to worry more for Briairlight (she's kinda dying), and she showed obvious concern for Blossomfall when she snapped at her. She got angry, in my opinion, because she was scared: One kit on her deathbed, and another one of her kits goes and gets herself into danger in the tunnels. If I were her mother, I'd be upset as well! That day, she could have lost a kit when she was already sick with grief over another. Millie's snapping at Blossomfall was completely called for and understandable. Blossomfall chose to take ...more

For those of you who wonder why I hate her, NOTHING GIVES HER THE RIGHT TO IGNORE ONE OF HER KITS AND SCREAM AT THE OTHER. Sure, some parents do yell at their kids sometimes. But they also usually let them know that they love them every once in a while! You don't just humiliate your kit in front of THE ENTIRE CLAN and then not show any remorse or love afterwards! Millie is just cruel!

Name the last time that she even said anything NICE to one of her kits! We sure can't think of a time. We couldn't care less that she 'stole' Silverstream (in fact, we didn't like GrayxSilver). The reason we hate her is because she favors one kit over the other, and that makes her an awful parent. - ZZZOLO

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5 Briarlight

Briarlight totally needs more love. She's always called "annoying" for needing so much care, but if you had a broken/paralyzed spine, you'd want care too.

6 Bumblestripe

Disagree. He was an absolute jerk to Dovewing. I used to like him, but not anymore. - Stormyblaze

What? So he's a jerk for loving Dovewing, being romantic, sweet, and caring. While Dovewing just played with him for awhile and dumped him. He deserves better. Way better. - Windd

Honestly, Bumblestripe probably is the sweetest dude in the warriors saga thus far. He was sweet, kind, shy, and bashful. He, in my opinion, was given one of the best names in warriors history, though some say it sounds a bit...'dorky', I guess. He deserves more love, and honestly, Dovewing was always sort of a jerk to him, let's be real. Some ship DoveXTiger...some say Dovewing was too good for Bumblestripe. I say Bumblestripe was too good for Dovewing. ~Rocky

7 Hollyleaf Hollyleaf Hollyleaf was one of the rare, strictly loyal cats of ThunderClan . She cherished the warrior code as a kit and came back to her clan in a time of need to fight-- even though she was cast out .

I will tell you EXACTLY why everyone hates this wonderful character, because she killed the butthurt, emo, murderous, most overrated character in this ENTIRE series, yep I'm talking about Ashfur. She killed him by ACCIDENT, at that. she may have been the one of the ONLY characters in this book series that actually gave a crap about the Warrior Code, "But, But She killed my bae! ". Guess who doesn't care. Lionblaze has no personality whatsoever, and Jayfeather is a bit overrated, but not as much as Ashfur, nowhere near as Overrated.Now Back To The Character In Question. In my opinion she is one of the best developed characters in the series, she's up there with Firestar, Jayfeather and Scourge (who is very overrated), but please don't remind me of Ashfur X Scourge, the very notion of this fandom made me sing out loud at the top of my voice "You've got a friend in Clorox Bleach! " Sorry if this triggered any of the Ashfur Defense Squad Members Out There, But I Just Had To Say This. ...more

SPOILERS Everyone hates her because she did right and saved a lot of cats by killing fat Albert ashfur! Ashfur is overrated and fat and stupid and childish and Hollyleaf is loyal yet everybody hates on her because she left and killed fat Albert and worships fat Albert! How would you feel if a drunk hobo said he was going to kill your siblings? Exactly! So everything (people who hate Hollyleaf are things, they're not human) that hates on my hollyleaf should think about warriors cats with no Jayfeather, lionblaze, Squirrelflight and many more great cats! Dovewing should be hated, she is really the "evil" one! JK. I hate how everyone hates Dovewing! Nobody hates Leaf pool when she started every problem! It's so confusing! Everybody loves and worships Scourge! Real funny, you have the nerve to make warriors while worshipping scourge. You realize you'd say goodbye to clans? Everyone frickn hates innocent firestar because he killed the VILLIAN! Do you hate goku for killing freiza? I don't ...more

I like her except for when she killed Ashfur. Ashfur was just going crazy because self centered Squirrelflight messed with his head. He was a strong, loyal warrior people say it was wrong for him to threaten to tell everyone. It wasn't. A big lie like that should not be kept. But Hollyleaf, in the end was just a very awesome loyal cat. Love her sometimes... - Windd

SHE ONLY KILLED ASHFUR because ASHFUR TRIED TO KILL HER BROTHERS. I would kill that person! shes one of the only cats related to Firestar that really respected the warrior code! Ashfur was annoying anyways. she deserves a gold medal and a free ticket to Starclan. Ashfur does NOT deserve a ticket to Starclan even if he gave them 1000000000,00000000000,000000 Starclanbucks! Hollyleaf rules! Dovewing should die. And if I would choose between Dovewing and Ivypool, I would quickly say:...Ivypool!

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8 Crowfrost

He was a great cat. He should've become leader instead of Rowanstar. - Stormyblaze

He was amazing. - Windd

Crow frost was a good cat! I think he had enough guts to say his clan was weak. I think of him, sacarficing him self for the remaining herbs

Crowfrost was much more empathetic than Rowanstar or Blackstar and was much less 'evil' than Blackstar. Blackstar killed a cat and Rowanstar was purely cruel to Violetpaw. The order goes like this, Blackstar, Rowanstar and CrowSTAR. Crowstar should have been the next leader, if only he'd been younger. He was a great cat and he didn't have enough plot development. They should do a novella on him. - Jazzy

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9 Pinestar

Why hasn't anyone put rain whisker on here?

Hated for becoming a kittypet, and somewhat for becoming mates with Leopardfoot. Guys, bear in mind that cats with large age differences do become mates sometimes. Also, he still is worthy of StarClan, and didn't feel comfortable in ThunderClan. Don't automatically say he's a coward. Plus, if you've read thoroughly, you can see that he /regrets/ his choice.


Just because he knew clan life was not for him? He knew what he was giving up, and he knew what was meant for him. I kinda like him honestly. - Darktail_of_FireClan

10 Ivypool Ivypool

She was SUPER DUMB as an apprentice... like, MEGA DUMBNESS... but she got better. - ZZZOLO

She was annoying as an apprentice, but she got better. - Stormyblaze

A lot of people put her down for not supporting Dovewing, but I feel like she wanted to, and just was struggling emotionally, and it was to hard to tell her. AND, even though Dovewing isn't the best character ever, she did care for Ivypool when she went to the dark forest. I think people don't like her because she tried to kill Hawkfrost with Brambleclaw, which the villians are probably in 3rd place for most overrated characters ever. They just don't want to admit she did the right thing. And, she tried to heal her relationship with Dovewing afterwards, and I give credit to Dovewing for trying too. She also only tried to protect Dovewing from Tigerheart, and never actually wanted to kill Flametail. And, she wasn't the one out of her and her sister to scream, "I hate you! " first. Also, she's not the best character ever but a well~developed one, and deserves a bit more love. Also, she's gone back to being a normal warrior, and might even become mates with Fernsong. Also, more honorable ...more

Alright, come on people, this is a list of characters underrated by the fandom, or else why would Dovewing be #1? Ivypool has many fans and is very popular with the fandom. Not saying that she shouldn't be (I love her as well) but she is NOT underrated. Even if it was cats who were underrated in the series, Ivypool is not on. She has a point of view! Everyone is putting cats on here like Thrushpelt and Brackenfur who get all the attention they need from the fandom. Save this list for REAL underrated characters, like Spottedleaf, Millie, Dovewing, Lionblaze, Bramblestar... The list goes on and on.

Person: She was annoying as an apprentice!
Me: umm... what does that have to do with this?

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? Thrushpelt

He was super nice - everyone compares him to Bumblestripe, but he is way nicer! He was always happy for Bluestar, even when she didn't love him the same way and was a kind mentor to Spottedleaf, accepting that her destiny was to be a medicine cat. - Nightstrike

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11 Brackenfur

I've always felt bad for Brackenfur. He's an awesome warrior, loyal, wise, courageous, but when he was the obvious choice for deputy, Firestar had to break the warrior code for someone less qualified. But even through that, Brackenfur supported Brambleclaw, which reminds me of Whitestorm, a great warrior, also a bit underestimated. Then, Brackenfur lost his only son, his daughter from a snake, one of his daughters turned out to be a reincarnation of his sister, which gets weird, his mate dies, one of his kits dies. He goes through so much, and he's never rewarded for any of it.

Brackenfur should've become deputy when Graystripe disappeared. Not Brambleclaw later. He's noble, brave, and wise.

When people say characters like Dovewing and Hollyleaf are underrated, I want to throw a dictionary at them. You can't really be underrated when you have a whole series centered around you. Brackenfur is a great example of underappreciated. He's been nothing but pleasent since his apprenticeship, representing some of the best qualities in a character, such as patience, disipline, and humility. It's a shame he took such a back step in the series.


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12 Tigerheart
13 Sandstorm

They act like she doesn't really love Firestar, she just wants to make decisions for the clan, but she really does love him, and she is good for the clan too.

I'm sorry for all those firestar x spottedleaf shippers but I despise spottedleaf and firestar! Sandstorm you are actually a great cat and mother! When squrrielpaw came home from the journey, she was being covered in licks and nuzzles from her mother while her dad was like "yeah whatever hey daughter I'm going to have a dream date with spottedleaf now bye! " She should be the main cat and not be hated by everyone! Did I mention she is a really beautiful she-cat!

Why doesn't everyone like her. She is the BEST!

Sandstorm was kinda always but behind of Firestar. She Wasa great Warrior andwould have made a fine leader. Yes, she was annoying as an Apprentice, but people can actually change. I think she is great, and always will be, even in StarClan

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14 Tigerstar Tigerstar Tigerstar is the biggest villain in the Warrior Cats, also the cat that Firestar wants to kill . He has two mates, Goldenflower and Sasha, and four kits, Bramblestar, Tawnypelt, Mothwing, and Hawkfrost . After he dies, he goes to the Dark Forest where he is killed again except this time by Firestar more.

Hated and just dumped. Tigerstar may have started many issues of Thunderclan, but to be honest, aside from his story, he's a very unique villain. Unlike some others, Tigerstar developed to be evil, just as the prophecy said so. This was because of his past, probably receiving so much hatred and eventually, getting a mentor who decided to train him in the ways of the Dark Forest. This villain only came to be because he was determined to be the best he can, blinded by his mentor, became evil. Tigerstar is a villain well to work with, and took the story far as a powerful villain.


15 Ferncloud

Something similar to Daisy, and the whole "kit machine" thing. Why are people mad at her for having /seven/ kits? Sorreltail had one less than she did. Also, bear in mind that some of these kits /died/. I can't believe you people for demanding Ferncloud should die. She /doesn't/ "do nothing in the nursery all day." Why are people so mad at her? If mad at her for being a kit machine, be mad at Sorreltail for having six kits, Robinwing for having 6+ kits (she has had other unnamed kits).


16 Dawnpelt
17 Daisy

Many people claim she's always sitting around in the nursery, pretending to take care of kits. Excuse me, do you even know how HARD it is to take care of kits? Don't you know how obnoxious they are? Daisy had a right to worry about Berrykit when he got his tail stuck in the trap. And those ShadowClan warriors did /nothing/ to help! Speaking of Berrykit...

She puts Thunderclan to shame. No wonder Spiderleg didn't love her. - Windd


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19 Lionblaze Lionblaze Lionblaze is a character in the Warrior Cats series . He is part of The Three, along with Jayfeather and Dovewing, and has the power of being undefeated in battle . However, the power if removed from him after the Clans are saved from the Dark Forest .

Out of the three, Lionblaze is by far my favorite. Whoever calls him a so-called 'Gary Stu' does not know what the full definition is. A Gary Stu is someone who is entirely perfect and does no wrong. "But Lionblaze is perfect because he's invincible! " So what? Does that mean that Jayfeather is a Gary Stu because he can walk in other cat's dreams? Apparently not. Lionblaze, if I remember correct, made countless mistakes: He nearly began a half-clan relationship with Heatherpaw. He trained in the Dark Forest with Tigerstar for an amount of time. He even KILLED dang old Russetfur. I know first-hand that a Gary Stu would not begin a half-clan relationship; he would not train to do evil; heck, he'd never even THINK about killing anyone! It is not as if he WANTED the power to be invincible in battle. In fact, he downright DIDN'T. He himself said that he wanted to be normal, especially when Cinderheart rejected him because of his destiny. But honestly, aside from Berrynose, Lionblaze is ...more

Why is he underrated

I don't see why people hate him for killing Russetfur. It was Thisleclaw/Tigerstar's fault!

Lionblaze rocks! Lionblaz haters are stimbos.

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20 Dustpelt

People are so mad at him for having numerous kits with Ferncloud, bullying Firepaw (You know, they were /kids and teens/ back then), and even for choosing her as a mate when she's his niece. They are /fictional cats/ in a /fictional world/. Incest happens. And the Firepaw stuff, like I said in parentheses, they were KIDS/TEENS back then. Not adults.

After the first arc of the series everyone just assumes he so terrible but he isn't! - silverbird8228

He deserves so much. I love him. - Windd

He is always ignored (well sometimes) :(

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