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21 Dawnpelt
22 Sandgorse


Okay... I like Sandgorse in StarClan and I of course see why people hate him alive. Tallpaw stuff, but haven't you heard what Sparrow, WindClan cats, and a dead Sandgorse have said?

23 Goosefeather

He was actually a favorite of mine. He was fun when he was normal, and when he went all crazy, he was just creepy abit. Nothing major


I have a love/hate for Goosefeather. He did come up with some false prophecies and /did/ get cats killed, but realize that there are crazier cats than Goosefeather... *cough*Ashfur*cough*

24 Sol V 1 Comment
25 Mapleshade Mapleshade

Poor mapleshade lost her kits mate all because of stupid stupid appledusk I am SO glad he is dead mapleshade should be more loved as a character and she WAS the first she cat to go to the dark forest if ANY of you hate mapleshade Fight me *gets ready to protect mapleshade* MAPLESHADE DEFENSE SQUAD! Who's with me?

She's my bae

26 Petal
27 Leopardstar

Hated for things like being bossy and exiling Graystripe. Ahem, let me tell you something. She planned that attack on Sunningrocks to see if Graystripe's loyalty could be proved. When Graystripe, in battle against ThunderClan, turned on Leopardstar to help Fireheart she acted quickly and decisively. She banished him from the Clan without a second thought, which was the proper thing to do. There is no room for disloyal cats in a Clan, and the only things making Graystripe at all loyal to RiverClan was his kits and the memory of his mate. His disloyalty could have meant the difference between victory and failure for RiverClan, and ejecting him to make him rejoin ThunderClan was the best choice. Also, when she went crazy, please remember: Bluestar vs StarClan.

28 Brightspirit

Brightspirit and her parents only show up once or twice, but they have an important message to bring when they do show up. The Erins created her to honor a girl who had passed away recently. I just think she should get more attention.

29 Mosspelt

Mosspelt was not a really talked about character, in my opinion. She raised Greystripe's kits, Feathertail and Stormfur, and loved and cared for them as if they were her own and was a really great mother! She was one of the few kind to Greystripe in RiverClan and when he left promised to keep in touch about his kits. She also voted for Firestar to be temporary leader of the clans AND was a skilled warrior and mentor. She should have more recognition!

30 Ashfur

How is he not on the list! - Nayan2003

He deserves so much. Squirrelflight just messed with his head. He was a loyal and strong warrior one of the last actual good Thunderclan cats left. - Windd

31 Littlecloud
32 Jessy
33 Clawclaw
34 Willowflower
35 Jagged Peak

Okay...this little cutie is totally a first favorite in DotC, just before Moon Shadow. He is so energetic and determined, and a fantastic hunter. Not only did he wander of by himself undaunted into the unknown, but he was so prideful casting the stone to leave.

Does he change and become sour? I don't know. Don't tell me, however, I've only just begun the Sun Trail.

Also, Jagged Peak is pretty much the best little brother ever, just throwing that thought out there. ~Rocky

36 Foxleap

No one talks about Foxleap. NO ONE. He is an amazing, funny character with a bright personality and deserves to have quite a few more lines!

I agree

37 Turtle Tail
38 Tallstar
39 Rosepetal
40 Fallowstorm
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