Underrated Weapons in Fortnite

Some weapons in Fortnite just don't get enough love...

The Top Ten

1 Remote Explosives

C4 got removed I think, but it was cool to do the C4 vending machine trap. - sadical

I like nuggets from McDonalds australia. Yummy chicken nuggets.

Has highest explosion radius of any explosive in game and controlled demolition. - kuledude

Been nerfed so hard - ethanharrisx

2 Minigun

Not best gun to use in open or when opponent has shot on you, but is great for taking down forts or sneaking up on someone with its fast fire rate. - kuledude

3 Suppressed SMG

Best weapon in the game - sadical

Won't hold ground against more powerful guns, but make a great compliment to a shotgun. - kuledude

4 Hunting Rifle

Greatest sniper

I’ve got tons of kills with this

Great for peeking

More accurate and easier to get off a quick shot than a bolt-action sniper rifle. - kuledude

5 Heavy Shotgun

More range, and sometimes higher damage than pump, and faster in between shots. - kuledude

This is not underatted

6 Grenades

One shot to an unshielded player
Is actually kinda good

Can cause more damage than you would think if you throw 3 at once. - kuledude

7 Burst Assault Rifle

Not always the best gun since it doesn't has a steady fire rate, but a triple shot to the head can be devastating to an enemy. - kuledude

8 Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle

Doesn't do as much damage as a bolt, but usually is a kill on a head shot and leaves more margain for error and it's possible to get off another shot after a miss before the enemy starts building. - kuledude

9 Revolver

Shotgun Revolver repeat x 100

Does over 100 damage on head shots and has better range than shotgun, making it a decent substitute. Not as good as a shotgun, but still effective. - kuledude

10 Suppressed Pistol

People don't use this weapon, but if you have the accuracy and a good trigger finger, you will dominate. - ethanharrisx

Does high damage on headshots with a fast fire rate and is very quiet so it won't give up your position to others. - kuledude

The Contenders

11 Scoped AR

Very good for long range sniper battles

Only if your a pro you can abliterate people

12 Thermal Scoped AR

Best weapon

Very good to find chests,supply drops and to find bad guys and it deals a lot of damage

13 Hand Cannon

Guys is sex real I don't think it is

14 Tactical Shotgun

Why do people like tac - sadical

This shotgun is not as good as the pump, but if you come across it while looting with no alternative, don't pass it up. With a faster fire rate and shorter reload time than the pump and an adequate body-shot damage, this is a good option for close encounters (of the first kind.) Plus, the headshot is absolutely LETHAL.

15 Gold Scar

It's too good

"Under rated"

It's so lit

16 Common Pistol

A bit more powerful than most think

17 Stink Bomb
18 Pickaxe

Nobody uses it when they hit some no shield person with a pump for 90

19 New Pump Shotgun


20 Double Barrel Shotgun

Absolutely deadly if used at close range (you have to be very very close)

best shotty
(haters of this are dumb)

21 Rocket Launcher

I’m not supposed to give my opinion... but QWERTYUIOPASDF

22 Boogie Bomb

Easy one shot body kill on someone with full health and shield

dance stupid!

23 Suppressed Heavy Zapotron

This gun is often left behind for grenades

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