Top Ten Most Underrated Weezer Songs

Weezer is an alternative rock band from the 90s. As of 2015, they released 9 albums. Some of them contain good but underrated Weezer songs.

The Top Ten

1 Tired of Sex

Best opening to a Weezer album, ever! - Pony

2 My Name is Jonas


3 No One Else

I love this song. - Pony

4 No Other One

Another classic from an amazing album. - Pony

5 Take Control
6 Cold Dark World

Great song, shame it doesn't get much attention. - Pony

7 Eulogy of a Rock Band

Great song, great album, great comeback!

8 Don't Let Go
9 In the Garage
10 December

The Contenders

11 The World Has Turned and Left Me Here

This is one of my favorite Weezer songs! - Pony

12 The Angel and the One
13 Only in Dreams

At eight minutes long, "Only in Dreams" is Weezer's longest song and a masterpiece of the type of emotional and relationship anxiety for which Weezer is best known. The simple track that subtly builds to a thick, fuzzy guitar riff has Cuomo exploring his dreams of being with his perfect girl. In the end, he finally asks her to dance, a request she agrees to, and they float on air together. - Cehrlich1

14 Getchoo
15 Slave
16 Smile
17 Ain't Got Nobody

The song that brought Weezer back to critical acclaim! - Pony

18 Butterfly
19 Crab
20 Say It Ain't So
21 Island In the Sun
22 Pork and Beans
23 Hash Pipe
24 Go Away
25 Foolish Father
26 Surf Wax America
27 Pink Triangle
28 Fall Together
29 You Might Think
30 I Just Threw Out the Love of My Dreams

Underrated B-side that was supposed to be on Songs From The Black Hole. If you loved Pinkerton, you'll love this track too. - Pony

31 Tragic Girl

A magnum opus of toxicity

32 Mykel and Carli

Its such a good song even though no one has heard it

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