Top 10 Most Underrated Wii Games

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21 Okami
22 Sin & Punishment: Star Successor
23 Silent Hill: Shattered Memories
24 Muramasa: The Demon Blade
25 Red Steel 2
26 The Dog Island

Beautiful soundtrack and great story. I'm sad that a lot of people never heard of this game. If you're looking for cute animals and a refresh on 2008, then this is definitely a game to play.

27 Petz Dogz 2

Outstanding music and an overall smooth and tolerable story. Like with THE DOG Island, I am very disappointed a lot of people has never heard of this game before.

28 Epic Mickey

WHY DID THIS GAME GET FORGOTTEN?! For a licensed game it's very good! It has an interesting mechanic, great graphics, and shows a lot of effort!

29 The Last Story

Seriously, Some of the best story telling I've seen in a game. I never understood why nobody ever mentions this game. This is a JRPG with a completely new approach to the genre. None of the typical mechanics and conventions most JRPG's have, and better character development than most JRPG's I've played. Well worth the purchase!

30 Science Papa

In my opinion, Activisions Scientific Gender-Swapped Version of Cooking Mama was spot on.

31 Arcade Zone

Sure, this may be so short as you usually finish it in 1 day, but that's because it's so addictive trying to beat all those high scores.

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