Most Underrated Winx Club Characters


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1 Bloom

What! She is overrated. She doesn't deserve so many fans and the attention. She always gets a million billion chances. Even if her parents are alive, she pretends to be an her pair is only shown with so many sacrifices. Why don't you let others step in spotlight and stop sacrificing if u have so much pain, Bloom?

Iris is more overrated than Bloom

Iris from lolirock? Also everyone hates bloom because they think she's a mary sue. SHE IS NOT A MARY SUE! She is a very good leader and friend.

Why does she get so much hate? :( Yeah they ruined her character after seasoon 5,but she's still so adorable!

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2 Tecna

I absolutely LOVE HER! She's brilliant, powerful, and beautiful. She really deserves more spotlight! - BlueTopazIceVanilla

She is brave and smart

3 Daphne
4 Musa

I think Musa deserves more spotlight.I'm pretty sure Sky has a much more developed backstory and has much more time on the spotlight than her.Musa also barely has any backstory.Maybe the writers could stop giving practically EVERY episode to either Bloom or Sky and work on Musa and Raven.every time Raven appears (which he barely does), he is always the bad guy and Sky is the one who has to stop him.That's...pretty harsh... - ilar9118

5 Roxy

I hope in season 7 we get to see her Enchantix. Then we'll hear that glorious transformation song again! Also she needs to join the Winx as a new member. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

6 Stella

She is not underrated! She is just overrated!

7 Flora

She is great. Why is Bloom the leader?

I HATE Flora. Why people thinks she is BEST - Sandez

8 Miele

Floras younger sister...

Who is Miele

9 Sky
10 Aisha

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11 Diaspro

Most overrated character ever

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