Top 10 Most Underrated YouTube Animators


The Top Ten

1 Chris Niosi ( Kirbopher 15)
2 AnimatedJames

He sucks in my opinion.

Why is he so cool!

I love him! He is sooo funny! Plus he's a brony! Some of my favorites of his are winters f'ed up and brony polka also mane six cartoons. If I'm not mistaken he did pinkie vs amy rose too

3 Toonsmyth
4 ItsAlexClark
5 CharlesCBernardo
6 LK SixtyFour
7 SB99
8 FrediSaalAnimations
9 TonyvToons V 1 Comment
10 Jaiden Animations

Jaiden is awesome and funny and actualy does a lot of animating for a lot of youtubers such as I has cupquake I think tony v toons and lots of others. Yet she is so underrated. Its sad

The Newcomers

? Don Hertzfeldt

The Contenders

11 Squizxy (Hyojin)
12 Tabbes
13 DarkMatter2525
14 David Firth
15 Átomo Network
16 Hannah Hoffman
17 Alan Becker
18 GoldBox V 1 Comment
19 Nifty-Senpai
20 Crunchy Crowe
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