Top 10 Most Underrated YouTube Animators


The Top Ten

1 Chris Niosi ( Kirbopher 15)
2 AnimatedJames

Even he hated his stuff. I don't feel right about it.

He sucks in my opinion.

Why is he so cool!

I love him! He is sooo funny! Plus he's a brony! Some of my favorites of his are winters f'ed up and brony polka also mane six cartoons. If I'm not mistaken he did pinkie vs amy rose too

3 ItsAlexClark

Awful. Absolutely terrible and his stories are probably made up. - iliekpiez

He is awesome. - AdiJack

4 Toonsmyth
5 CharlesCBernardo
6 LK SixtyFour
7 SB99
8 Jaiden Animations

She is not at all infamous. She recently got 5 million subscribers. Do you call that underrated?!

How is she underrated? Don't get me wrong, I LOVE her, but why is she on this list? - RoseWeasley

Jaiden is awesome and funny and actualy does a lot of animating for a lot of youtubers such as I has cupquake I think tony v toons and lots of others. Yet she is so underrated. Its sad

9 FrediSaalAnimations
10 TonyvToons

Give him subs!

The Newcomers

? Wolfychu Wolfychu

Cute, kind, and good at animating. - RoseWeasley

Bad at animating. Mean as a SNAKE on Garry's Mod and CS:GO. Avoid at all costs!

? Emirichu

The Contenders

11 Let Me Explain Studios

Mainly her animation is good yet still underrated

12 Tabbes
13 Squizxy (Hyojin)
14 Animationepic

I wouldn't call AnimatonEpic underrated. He deserves to be at where he's at, because his content is very simplistic and not what I'd call "unique", "talented", and "number one". He's, well, average.

Very underrated. - AdiJack

15 DarkMatter2525 DarkMatter2525
16 The Sea Rabbit

Funny as frick boi

17 Sultan Sketches

Beautiful animation, good jokes, and fun stories. Also I like the storybook theme. - RoseWeasley

18 Andrei Terbea

Andrei & Wilfer are underrated. I really enjoy his animations. And he has improved so much over the last year.

19 David Firth
20 Átomo Network
21 Hannah Hoffman
22 Alan Becker
23 GoldBox

Why? This one is amazing!

24 Nifty-Senpai
25 Crunchy Crowe
26 Anchy-Wolf
27 Flepsy Cingulus
28 Cyriak
29 Yeti
30 Lee Hardcastle
31 NinjaCharlieT

Best of all, all the others animators don't pass this legend! This guy Works at hypixel dude! Best animator of all

32 Don Hertzfeldt
33 Chilly Panda

Makes cute animations and relatable stories that everyone can laugh!

Is it weird that I kinda ship her with Tabbes? - RoseWeasley

34 Furbilicious Furby Girl


35 Szin
36 Weretoons

He's a very good Animator But very underrated. He doesn't even Have the 10K Subscribers! He's Animations look great I just love him!

37 Brewstewfilms

He’s funny and puts effort into the humor, so check him out!

38 Isaac Anderson
39 OfficerPoop247
40 African Vulture
41 SolitaireJoker
42 Phormillion
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