Top Ten Underrated YouTube Poopers


The Top Ten

1 AwfulFawfultheFalafe
2 SinnedTragedy98
3 PotatoShitz
4 CartoonLover98

My favorite video was the one he made on the SpongeBob movie. - PrincessKiana

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5 ThatGuyPoops
6 BarneyisPerverted
7 PedoSponge
8 Hurricoaster
9 KroboProductions

Formerly known as Dikekike - bobbythebrony

His Steven Jewniverse YTP was so dirty but it's so funny, "All I want to do is see a woman's v##### a woman's v#####! All I want to do is see a v#####..." LMAO - PrincessKiana

10 Cs188

Cs188 is totally overrated. He's even aware of it that even him and some other people (and I) get completely frustrated with the YTP community. There are other YTPers besides cs himself. Come on, for those who think cs is the only best, think again. cs even thinks that he's doing YTPs and putting effort into them for nothing. He's now more into doing livestreams and play games. Support his cs188creations channel at least. He's a great man at heart. - ClassicGaminer

The Contenders

11 Jimmy Davis
12 Goop Videos
13 coolcat001100
14 WalkThroughEpicness
15 Trudermark
16 MasterJoJ
17 Noisepuppet

Cs has reacted to Noisepuppet's YTPs and some of the humor in his YTPs made cs laugh so hard. I like watching Noisepuppet's YTPs and they're great.

Fun fact: Noisepuppet is somewhere in his 50 years. - ClassicGaminer

18 Lulu Luvscats
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